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BJF, 2007, Illustrated presentations for Saga Shipping, M/S Saga Ruby, World Cruise, Cape Town to Mombasa: BJF, 2007, Address to social group in Mdantsane township, 1400-1410h, Umqombothi shanty, Buffalo River, South Africa, 28 January

Wakelam, S., 2007, Two Men from Delft, BBC Radio 3 Drama, 2015-2130h, 4 February.

BJF, 2007, Vote of Thanks for lecture by Dr David Vaughan, 'The calving of Larsen-B and other phenomena, Climate Change in the Antarctic, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College Cambridge, 1930-2000h, 19 February.

BJF, 2007, President's report, Association of Past Students, Cardiff University, 23 February.

Johnston, Laura, 2007, New research society president announced (with photograph), Cambridge Evening News: 17, 287 February.

Dibbs, Sylvia, 2007, Biological education [letter citing Brian J Ford autumn leaves article in Biologist, q.v.], Biologist 54 (1): 11.

BJF, 2007, review of 'Creative Teaching - Science in the Early Years and Primary Classroom' [in] Journal of Biological Education 41 (2): 94-95.

Johnston, Laura, 2007, [reports CSAR meeting with comments by Brian J Ford] Expert calls for change in disease rules, Cambridge Evening News: 9, 7 March.

Elliott, Chris, 2007, Don't let hoaxers fool you - beware the trickiest day of the year (with colour photograph) Cambridge Evening News: 8, 31 March.

Report, 2007, The Cambridge Society gains New President [with colour photo], Discover Whittlesey: 5, April.

Report, 2007, New President for Society of the Application of Research, Cambridge Reporter, 18 April.

Report, 2007, Brian J Ford to chair meeting of CSAR, Cambridge Reporter, 25 April.

BJF, 2007, Submission to National Lottery on behalf of The Eastrea Centre (for private distribution), Eastrea Village Hall Foundation, 22 pp, 30 April.

Johnston, Laura, 2007, Stem cells give hope on spinal injuries, Cambridge Evening News: 5, 3 May.

BJF, 2007, Science Wars: Journalists and scientists at cross-purposes, extemporised presentation, moderator Ms Pearl Maria Forss of Channel News Asia, Café Scientifique, National Science Centre, Singapore, 1930-2100h, 10 May.

BJF, 2007, The Tyranny of Truth - How and why British media collide with science, I2R Distinguished Lecture, PowerPoint presentation at Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore, 1000-1100h, 11 May.

Report, 2007, Brian J Ford lecture in Singapore (with colour photo), Lian He Zao Bao: 10, 12 May.

Forss, Pearl, 2007, interview with Brian J Ford on future of food, Channel News Asia Morning Programme (7 mins), 20 May.

Report, 2007, Brian J Ford on Cultured Meat from Channel News Asia web site, 27 May.

Ferrari, Nick, 2007, interviews Brian J Ford on China's increase in carbon dioxide production, Breakfast Show, LBC Radio, 0706-0715h, 21 June.

BJF, 2007, Making sense of e-learning - Tyrannical Truths and Elusive Realities, address to UK Council for Graduate Education, Gilbert Murray Conference centre, University of Leicester, 1130-1215h, 3 July.

Lectures at Inter Micro 2007, Chicago:

Ferrari, Nick, 2007, interviews Brian J Ford on the Save The Earth concerts in support of Al Gore's environmental campaign, Breakfast Show, LBC Radio, 0712-0720h, 10 July.

BJF, 2007, Antony van Leeuwenhoek's Microscope and the discovery of Giardia, Microscopy and Analysis: 5-7, July.

Penfold, Samantha, 2007, Test Tube Meat and Fries (children's magazine article).

BJF, 2007, Presentations for Cruise and Maritime, Transoceanic Cruises M/V Arielle, British Isles Discovery Cruise:

Southwell, Fae, 2007, interviews Brian J Ford on conservation in Eastrea and loss of the Dovecot, BBC television Look East programme, 1830h and 2225h, 4 September (copy in archive).

Haase, Susan, 2007, [cites Brian J Ford in Nature, 323: 763, 1986 in] Atmospheric CO2 and the N-nutritional status modifies nodulation, nodule-carbon supply and root exudation of Phaseolus vulgaris L, Soil Biology and Biochemisry, 39 (9):2208–2221, September.

BJF, 2007, Robert Hooke [chapter in] The Great Naturalists, editor Rob Huxley, Natural History Museum, London: Thames & Hudson.

BJF, 2007, Antony van Leeuwenhoek [chapter in] The Great Naturalists editor Rob Huxley, Natural History Museum, London: Thames & Hudson.

Wheelis, M., 2007, publishes micrographs of cork and blood smear with Leeuwenhoek microscope [in] Introduction to Microbiology, also Instructor's Toolkit (digital form), Sudbury MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inc.

BJF, 2007, The World's Worst Microscopy, invited lunchtime lecture to Photonex Conference, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, 1230-1330h, 18 October.

BJF, 2007, Enlightening Neuroscience, Microscopes and Microscopy in Eighteenth Century Neurology" [chapter 2 in] Whitaker, Harry; Smith, C. U. M. & Finger, Stan, (editors) Brain, Mind and Medicine: essays in 18th century neuroscience: 29-41, Springer.

BJF, 2007, Linneaus and Life under the Microscope, illustrated tercentenary presentation to Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, 1815-1915h, 11 October. (Video recording in archive).

BJF, 2007, The Microscope enters the Field of Forensics, Illumin8: 3, Olympus, October.

BJF, 2007, Observing the Invisible - celebrating Leeuwenhoek's 375 anniversary, inaugural presidential address to Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, with Professor Sir Sam Edwards in the chair, Churchill College, Cambridge, 1930-2100h, 22 October. (Video recording in archive).

Dundon, Tara, 2007, (quotes Brian J Ford in) Joy as village 'regains its heart', Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 10, 3 November. [See also leader article, 'All hands to the pump' ibid: 6).

Self, David, 2007, (quotes Brian J Ford in) If you asked me, I could write a Book, Fen Blow column, Cambs Times: 12, 9 November.

BJF, 2007, Presentations for Saga Shipping Company, M/VSpirit of Adventure:

Peres, Michael, 2007, publishes Brian J Ford study of Pulex imaged with a Robert Hooke microscope, Focal Encyclopedia of Photography, ISBN 0-240-80740-5, 4th Edition: 593, Amsterdam & London: Elsevier.

BJF, 2007, Chairman's introduction to presentation 'Water that does not wet hands, the Alchemy of Michael Sendivogius; and how it helps in teaching chemistry to school children' by Dr Zbigniew Szydlo, Teacher of Chemistry, Highgate School and Royal Society lecturer, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College, Cambridge, 1930-2100h, 3 December.

BJF, 2007, illustrated reports on sites for the Eastrea Centre; the Storers' Bursary winners, etc., [in] Discover Whittlesey: 24-26, December issue.

BJF, 2007, Celebrating Leeuwenhoek's 375th birthday - what could his microscopes reveal? InFocus magazine, 8: 20-35, December.

Report, 2007, Brian J Ford on Antony van Leeuwenhoek [in Spanish], Naturalaleza de la Luz, Optica website, December.

BJF, 2007, Illustrated presentations aboard M/V Spirit of Adventure 'Christmas in Antarctica' expedition.

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