Brian J Ford
    NESTA and the digital camera


The NESTA digital photography project covers October 2003 - March 2004.






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The schools' manual on digital microscopes raised new questions - one major topic of concern was the invasion of the digital camera. Everyone is getting one, but how could people use them to best effect?

If this project had cropped up during Science Year, the chances are NESTA would have commissioned the project to extend the experience gained with the digital microscope manual.

But Science Year was already drawing to a close. NESTA did offer to fund a full proposal that would reveal the secrets of digital photography.

This project is in its final stages. Photographs have been taken in a range of places (from Mexico to Morocco!) and they show how digital cameras encourage you to take the best pictures - by breaking the conventional rules. Rule-breaking is what we like best.

    Taken with a single 12w bulb - a digital photograph with Professor Göran Rämme (right) in Uppsala which has already appeared in two magazines.