Brian J Ford
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New lectures are a major feature of the Fellowship






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  • Lectures are a mainstay of any Fellowship in science. Communicating with an audience (particularly a non-specialist one) is crucial if ideas are to exchanged and new concepts presented.

    The programme for this Fellowship aimed at some new and iconoclastic lectures as a possible component of Year 2. But that was too long to wait!

    Many hours have already gone into setting up a completely new system, with digital presentations on a laptop. Writing PowerPoint talks takes much time and diligence, but the Fellowship has funded both the training and the equipment. These new lectures are proving very successful.

    They have included popular talks at as a guest speaker at sea, and on land in places that include Naples, San Francisco and Amsterdam. For the first time NESTA has made it possible to accept a number of invitations to give keynote lectures at major scientific conferences.

      Popular lectures on scientific topics have drawn unexpectedly large audiences around the world.