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Proceedings of the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research
Symposium on GM Crops and Foods, March 2002

1: Introduction
Brian J Ford CBiol, FIBiol, FLS
Member of Council, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research
Royal Literary Fund Fellow and Fellow of Cardiff University

2: Preface
Professor Sir Sam Edwards, FRS
Cavendish Professor Emeritus in the University of Cambridge
President of the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research

3: Genetic Modification and Society
Professor Malcolm Grant, LLD
Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor of Land Economy, University of Cambridge.
Chair of The Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission.

4: The Status of GM Crops Across the World
Colin Merritt, PhD, MIBiol
Biotechnology Development Manager, Monsanto, UK.

5: The Impact of GM on the Food and Farm Sector
Sir John Marsh, MA
Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Reading.
Member of the OFT Foresight Panel for the Food Chain and Crops for Industry.

6: GM Crops and the Environment
Professor Joe N Perry, DSc
Plant & Invertebrate Ecology Division, Rothamsted Experimental Station.

7: The Assessment of the Safety of GM Products in Food
Professor Mike Gasson, BSc, PhD
Deputy Chair of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes.
Head of Food Safety Science Division, Head of Genetics and Microbiology, Institute of Food Research, Norwich.

8: GM Crops and the Third World
Professor Sir Brian Heap, CBE, ScD, FRS
Master of St Edmund's College, Cambridge.
Former Chair of the Royal Society Committee on GM Crops.

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Hardback, ISBN 0-9543595-2-6, 2003, 14.95.

Paperback edition, ISBN 0-9543595-3-4, 2003, 10.95.

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