Production and Publication for the Sciences

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1: Title page and Introduction
Copyright and publishing information, introductory photographs and links, credits and acknowledgements.

2: How Microscopes Began
Leeuwenhoek, Brown, experimental microscopes (like the x-ray microscope) and modern scanning instruments.

3: What is a Microscope?
Stelluti and Leeuwenhoek, Robert Hooke, the discovery of microbes and the birth of the science of microscopy

4: What the Pioneers could See
Robert Brown, Brownian Movement and Einstein, the how the early microscopes revealed their specimens

5: Finding your way Around the Computer Microscope
How to install the software and set up your new digital microscope, with experimental hints and tips

6: Everyday Objects under the Microscope
Calibrating the digital microscope to check its magnification, and observing coins, rulers, records and coins

7: Exploring your World
Repeat some historic experiments, look at plants - and become a forensic scientist by finding the fake document

8: Real or Imitation?
Here's a selection of ways to practice your forensic skills. Spot the fake, and see whether your printer does what they claim

9: Trip to the Beach
Give the microscope a day out. Study strange forms of life in rock pools and living cells in strands of seaweed

10: Amazing Life Underwater
A pond is full of fascinating organisms, and also potentially dangerous. Take care as you collect insects and plants

11: How to Study Embryology
Use a digital microscope in springtime to watch frogs-spawn develop, and make a time-lapse movie of the embryo

12: Pests and Parasites
Flies, fleas, lice and nits . . . all pretty yucky in daily life, but they are objects of fascination under the microscope

13: Looking at Yourself
Turn the microscope on yourself to look at your eyes, skin and hairs, and study professional slides of human tissues

14: Plant Wonder
Set up the digital microscope to speed up the growth of plants and study details of flowers and sexual organs

15: Improving the Raw Image
Find out how to play with your microscope software and produce funny or weird pictures, and hear strange sounds

16: Looking after the Microscope
Hints band tips on maintenance and servicing, and a page of microscope books to find in the local library

17: Web sites for the Microscope
More books to find, and a list of 40 of the very best web sites anywhere in the Western Arm of the Galaxy

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