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The latest book from Sir Colin Spedding celebrates the humour of proverbs.

The second mouse gets the cheese - proverbs and their uses
by Sir Colin Spedding.


Colin Spedding's humorous lectures are memorable. In this witty and wide-ranging book he brings together his favourite proverbs as a ready source for readers, writers and speakers everywhere.

Hardback: ISBN 0-9543595-4-2. Price £14.95
Paperback: ISBN 0-9543595-5-0. Price £9.95

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We all know 'It's the early bird catches the worm'. But Sir Colin reminds us that 'The second mouse gets the cheese!' This witty and entertaining new book gives speakers, writers and raconteurs a chance to brush up on their grasp of proverbs old and new. Proverbs, says the author, can amuse an audience, reveal telling truths, and can even help to convey difficult concepts in a memorable and amusing manner.

What's so special about Sir Colin Spedding's new book is that he shows how proverbs can be put to use. The main categories he covers include: Favourites, Fools, Ignorance and Education; Communication, Power and Influence; Cautionary Proverbs, Learning from Experience, Fashion, Wisdom, Good Intentions, In praise of keeping quiet and Puzzling Proverbs - in total there are over thirty sections in the book.

In each case he introduces the proverbs, sets them in context, tells of their origins and gives the kind of background information that every reader loves to read. Many of the proverbs in this beautifully-designed book are illustrated by specially drawn cartoons by the author. Colin Spedding is one of the leading biologists of a generation - his lectures have become legendary through his ability to leaven each talk with appropriate light-hearted interludes.

The book has an introduction by Sir Colin's colleague, Professor Brian J Ford, who has also edited the book. For over forty years, proverbs like these have been a hallmark of Sir Colin's presentational style and others can now see just how he does it. The book is available in paperback and also in a fine hardback binding with a fully laminated dust-jacket. Post and packing is £1 extra but this can be reduced if you purchase more than one.

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