The Leeuwenhoek Specimens

Back at the Laboratory . . .

Specimen packets Specimens set out

1) The Specimens Discovered

Packets of Leeuwenhoek specimens were cautiously removed from the seventeenth-century letters.

2) Portions Detached for Microscopical Examination

Small portions of each specimen were removed and tabulated, ready for microscopical analysis.

Petri dishes Box storage

3) Maintenace of Contaminant-free Status

Specimens for scanning electron microscopy and aqueous reconstitution were kept free of outside contamination.

4) Archival storage of the Specimen Preparations

The scanning electron microscope stubs, gold-coated, are stored in a purpose-built container at the Royal Society.

The specimens available for microscopic study are now in the blue packets. The original material remains untouched and
uncontaminated by the modern world, and will thus be available for future analysts to study with methods not yet envisaged.

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