Haematology Research

Papers and presentations on research into blood coagulation, etc.

Read an early paper on the new haemostasic mechanisms and a more recent example in print.

BJF, 1960, Observations of Trypanosomes in the Blood of Anguilla anguilla, May-September, Cardiff: research project.
[Presented at Inter Micro 89, Chicago, Illinois; published, with original diagrams, in The Microscope, 38: 15-22, 1990].

BJF, 1961, Further Observations of Trypanosomes in the Bloodstream of Fish, Cardiff: March.

BJF, 1962, Further Figures of Trypanosomes, with oil-immersion colour micrographs, Cardiff: August.

BJF, 1965, The Rôle of the Erythrocyte in Coagulation and Hćmostasis, [Lecture and 16mm film], ‘Living Microscopy’, Microcirculation Society conference at the Royal Society, Burlington House, London, 3 February.

BJF, 1965, Penderocytes in Human Blood Coagulation [abstract], Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, February.

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Abstract, 1965, New Observations on the Rôle of the Erythrocyte in Hćmostasis, Biological Abstracts, 47, 106557, December.

Report and Picture, 1966, Meet the Penderocyte - new discovery [front page story with photographs], Medical News, 178: 1, 4 March.

[Dover, Clare], 1966, Sensational Blood Discovery, London Evening Standard, March. Nationally syndicated report [this example from South Wales Echo, 30 March].

BJF, 1966, Micrographic Studies: Blood coagulation, Scientific Encyclopedia, 4th edition, p214, New York: Van Nostrand, December.

BJF, 1968, The Concept of ‘Antipoint’ Applied to Submicroscopic Fibrillar Structures, Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society, 3, (1): 14-16, March.

Report and Picture, 1968, Scientific Highlights of the Year [Brian J Ford photomicrograph of penderocytes in hćmostasis] International Year-book of Science and Technology: 90, New York: McGraw Hill, June.

BJF, 1968, Vital Blood Cell Discovery: Scientist has Newport Link, South Wales Argus, 9 July.

Report, 1968, Brian J Ford Micrograph claimed as ‘highlight’, Medical News: 16, 12 July.

Report, 1968, A highlight from Wales, South Wales Echo, 12 July.

Report, 1968, The Brian J Ford Proposal over ‘Antipoint’, 5th Report on Nomenclature Committee, Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society, 3 (3): 146, July.

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BJF, 2006, Mysteries of the blood clot, Olympus 'Illumin8' magazine: 3, February.

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