From the book list: co-authored volume

Brian J Ford
explains why he considers Cardiff the most unappreciated city in the world

Book jacket

Chapter in: The Cardiff Book No. 1., pp 13-18. ISBN: 0 900807 05 9
Barry: Stewart Williams Publishers, 1973

From the introduction:

BRIAN J. FORD is internationally well-known both as scientist and author. He is in particular an authority on the microscope, and sales of his books on science exceed 250,000. He is an adviser to many programmes about science, and as well as taking the chair of such national programmes as "Kaleidoscope" he has his own successful BBC series from London, "Where Are You Taking Us?" which examines science and its effects on the public. Additionally, he is a guest contributor to The Times, The Guardian, New Scientist and many of the leading science journals in Britain and the United States.

In Wales, of course, he was already a weekly columnist at the age of nineteen, writing "Science and You" for the South Wales Echo, and later caused widespread interest in the environment, pollution and many other unheard-of topics in the Western Mail, long before the theme was taken up by others. He was a founder member of such local programmes as "Good Morning, Wales!" and" Week In, Week Out" and, as well as weekly series on BBC and ITV he produced and directed a number of programmes. He has long been a popular lecturer and editor, and edited Voice of Welsh Industry from Cardiff.

Mr. Ford spent his formative years in North London. Though he has no family connections with Wales, and works through London, and also through New York and Paris, he is greatly attached to the city and has long been active in its life. He is married and has four young children.