24th edn 1995

Surname: Ford
Given Names: Brian J(ohn)
Title: Mr
Born: Corsham, Wiltshire, UK
Profession: Scientist, Author and Broadcaster
Married to: Janice May Ford (née Smith)
Children: 2 sons, 2 daughters, 2 permanent foster-children
Degrees etc: F I Biol, C Biol, FLS.
Position: Chartered Biologist and University Fellow.
Member of the Court of Governors, University of Cardiff.
Fellow and Member of Council, Institute of Biology, Member of Public Policy Committee and the Consultants’ Accreditation Panel, Chairman of the History of Biology Sector.
Fellow and Officer of the Linnean Society of London, Member of Council, Library Committee and Honorary Surveyor of Scientific Instruments, Zoological Secretary.
Science Editor, Guinness Book of Records.
Director of Mensa, Member of the British Mensa Committee, and Chairman of Mensa Events. Member of Council, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research.
Fellow of the Philosophical Society, Cambridge University.
Life Member, Cambridge University Society for Cognitive Research.
Life Member, Friends of Cambridge University Library.
Director of the McCrone Research Institute, USA.
Member, History of Science Society, USA.
Member, Microscopical Society of America.
Honorary Member, University of Kent at Canterbury.
Member of the New York Academy of Sciences.
Fellow of Cardiff University.
Numerous awards for scientific photography, etc.
Images of Science won 'Best British Book Prize, 1993.
Over 20 books in more than 70 editions world-wide, including:
BJF, 1969, German Secret Weapons - Blueprint for Mars, 160 pp, ISBN 0-345-24989-5-250, New York: Ballantine, October.
BJF, 1970, Allied Secret Weapons: The War of Science, 160pp, ISBN 0-345-25892-4-250, New York: Ballantine, August.
BJF, 1970, Microbiology and Food, with illustrations and cover design by the Author, [hardback edition] 212pp, ISBN 0 950 1665 020X , London: Northwood, December.
BJF, 1971, Nonscience, or How To Rule The World, (science satire), 206 pp, ISBN 0 7234 0449 6, London: Wolfe, September.
BJF, 1973, The Optical Microscope Manual: Past and Present Uses and Techniques, 205pp, ISBN 0-7153-5862-6, Newton Abbott: David and Charles, April.
BJF, 1973, The Revealing Lens: Mankind and the Microscope, 208pp, ISBN 0-245-51016-8, London: Harrap, September.
BJF, 1976, Microbe Power: Tomorrow’s Revolution, 182pp, ISBN 0-356-08384-5, London: Macdonald and Jane’s, 22 July.
BJF, 1982, The Cult of the Expert, hardback edition, 194pp, ISBN 0-241-10476-9, London: Hamish Hamilton.
BJF, 1985, Single Lens, the Story of the Simple Microscope, 182 pp, ISBN 0-434-26844-5, London: William Heinemann, £9.95, March.
BJF, 1992, Images of Science - a History of Scientific Illustration, 208pp, ISBN 0-7123-0267-0, London: British Library, November/December.
BJF, 1993, First Encyclopedia of Science, 157pp, ISBN 0-86272-944-0, London: Kingfisher Books, 27 May.


Host of television shows including Food for Thought Computer Challenge Across the Channel (German TV series)

Host of radio programmes including Where are you taking us? Science Now Kaleidoscope

Narrator of Films including Keeping it Safe The Fund

Hobbies: Rock and roll, exploring.

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