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The New Guinness Book of Records

Quiz Book

by Brian J Ford

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ISBN: 0 85112 6359, London: Guinness Publishing Ltd., 1994.

From the publisher's notes:

People love to say, "Yes, I thought so," when they hear entries from the Guinness Book of Records. Here is a chance to call their bluff, with hundreds of questions, many of them drawn straight from the very latest edition of the book. This book is designed for question masters, for quiz teams, and just for fascinating reading. There is enough here to fuel a quiz team for more than a season, and plenty of material to enliven projects for school or college.

The author, Brian J Ford, is best known as scientist and author. He has presented his own television game show, Computer Challenge, and is author of the best selling First Encyclopedia of Science. Brian is the science consultant for the Guinness Book of Records, but has added many questions of his own to this book, just to tease the mind of the curious reader.

Among the questions:

How long was the longest wheelie
- 330 kilometres or 3?

How heavy was the largest sheep
- 100 kilograms or a quarter of a tonne?

How far would your lungs stretch
- the same size as your skin, or 25 times as big?

Where is the world's oldest University
- England or Africa?

Cover design: John Mitchell

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