From: Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 1995, (USA).

research scientist, author, broadcaster

Born: Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng., m. Janice May Smith, 4 children, 2 foster children. Student, King's School, Peterborough; Cardiff Univ. Engl.; Mem. Court. Univ. Cardiff, 1982-87, 91-, fellow, 1986-; Lectr. Brit. Coun. Divsn. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1978, Inter Micro, Chicago, 1984-. Author: Microbiology and Food, 1970, Nonscience, 1971, Revealing Lens,1973, Cult of the Expert, 1982, Single Lens, 1985, Leeuwenhoek Legacy, 1990, Images of Science, 1992, First Encyclopedia of Science, 1993;
Co-author, The Cardiff Book, 1971, Viral Pollution of the Environment, 1983, Sex and Health, 1989.
Founding Editor: Biology History, 1988, mem. editorial bd., 1989-, editor-in-chief, 1993-; founding editor, Science Diary, 1967-78, and Sci. & Tech. Authors' Newsletter, 1987-88; Voice of British Industry, Contbg. editor 1967-69; European Biotechnology Newsletter 1986-, cons. sci. editor Guinness Book of Records, 1993-, writer, The Human Body (Julie and Robert Brown), 1992; prodr. & dir. (film) The Fund;
Creator radio and TV programs Science Now, Where are you Taking Us?, It's Your Line, Food for Thought, Computer Challenge; contbr. The Times, Guardian, New Scientist, Nature, Microscopy, Private Eye, Brit. Med. Journ., reports in field.
Fellow, Royal Microscopical Soc., Inst. Biology (chmn. history com. 1989-, mem. public policy com. 1993-, mem. council 1995-), Cambridge Philos. Soc.; Hon. mem. Keynes Coll. U. Kent (1988-), Linnean Soc. London (surveyor sci. instruments 1985-, mem. council 1992-, zoological secretary 1994-), Nat. Book League (mem. council 1983-86), Royal Soc. Health (vice-chmn. nutrition 1988-89), European Union Sci. Journalists Assns. (Brussels, Pres. 1984-86), Soc. Authors (chmn. sci. and tech. writers 1986-88), Cambridge Soc. for Application Rsch. (mem. council 1994-), Cambridge Univ. Soc. for Cognitive Rsch. (life), Soc. for History of Sci., Friends of Cambridge Univ. Libr. (life), Savage Club (dep. chmn., head of entertainments), Old Petriburgians' Assoc. (chmn 1992-94), BBC Club, Architecture Club, Quekett Micros. Club. Director, British Mensa Ltd 1993-, National Science Centre 1995-, McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, 1994-.
Achievements include pioneering research in theory of development of life from prebiotic molecules in outer space; research in interdisciplinary science, plant physiology, microbial ecology, hemostatic mechanisms, biohazard, science education, development of science, history of microscope.

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