Millennium Presentations
by Brian J Ford

Brian and Jan Ford - midnight in London for New Year 2000

BJF, 1999, An Evening with Brian: A Thousand Years of Science, lecture at Inter Micro '99, Chicago, 28 June.

Anont, 1999, BJF to give millennium lecture to SAR, Cambridge Reporter: 6, 1 December.

BJF, 1999, interviewed by Sue McGregor (with Matthew Freeman) on SAR millennium lecture, Today programme, BBC Radio 4, 0820-0830h, 6 December.

BJF, 1999, A Thousand years of Science, millennium lecture to Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College Cambridge, 2030-2200h, 6 December.

Irwin, Aisling, 1999, Amateurs are 'the pioneers in science' (report of issues raised in SAR millennium lecture), Daily Telegraph: 10, 7 December.

BJF, 1999, Head to head debate with Matthew Freeman (on issues raised in SAR millennium lecture), The Guardian, Saturday review: 2, 11 December.

BJF, 1999, Science hour with Clive Bull, millennium edition, London: LBC, 2100-2200h, 16 December.

BJF, 1999, with John Gribbin and Jacqueline Mitton in Christmas/New Year edition of The Material World, London: BBC Radio Four, 164-1700h, 23 December.

BJF, 1999, in 'highlights of the year' with Mike Thompson, Today programme, BBC Radio 4, 0845-0900h, 31 December.

BJF, 2000, The earliest days of the microscope [chapter in] Yearbook of Science and the Future 2000, Millennium Edition, ISBN 0-85229-702-5, pp 192-209, Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica.

BJF, 2000, The Microscope through the Ages, Millennium Lecture to Manchester Microscopical Society, 17 February.

BJF, 2000, chairman of The New Millennium, lecture by Richard Artley, Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College Cambridge, 2030-2200h, 17 January.

BJF, 2000, Recreating the Origins of Modern Biology, 120th Anniversary and Millennium Lecture, Manchester Microscopical Society, University of Manchester Medical School. 1900-2100h, 17 February. 8 April.

BJF, 2000, Chairman's address to A Century of Genetics conference, London: History Network of the Intitute of Biology Millennium commemorative meeting, 8 May.

BJF, 2000, Millennium mistakes, Boz magazine, 68: 14, May.

BJF, 2000, (ed) The First Fifty Years, 135 pp., ISBN 0 0900490 37 3 (h/b), 0 900490 38 1 (p/b), London: Institute of Biology.

[Burgess, Mark], 2000, Golden jubilee for IoB, Laboratory News: 25, December 4.

Lavery, Anne, 2000, (review of) The First Fifty years: History of the Institute of Biology, Laboratory News: 25, December 4.

BJF, 2000, A celebration of biology at Christmas, sixth form branch Millennium Lecture, Institute of Biology, University of Central Lancashire, 1300-1400h, 7 December.

BJF, 2000, Seasonal Science Hour live from Eastrea, with Mike Carson, producer Lee Hodgkinson, LBC, 2100-2200h, 27 December.

BJF, 2001, Distinguished Fellows and the Microscope, Notes and Records of the Royal Society (millennium edition), 55 (1): 1-25, January.