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The Writers Directory
1996, United States

Brian John FORD


Research biologist, pioneer of holism in science, writer, broadcaster 1961-. Founding Chmn., Scientific and Technical Authors' Committee, Society of Authors. Fellow and Member of Court of Governors, Cardiff University; former President, Union of Science Journalists' Assns, Brussels. Former Vice-Chairman and head of Entertainments, the Savage Club, London. Former Deputy Chairman of Nutrition and Fellow, Royal Society of Health; Member of Science Policy Committee, Chairman of History of Biology, and member of Council, Inst of Biology; Surveyor of Scientific Instruments, Member of Council, and Zoological Secretary, Linnean Society of London. Directorships: Mensa (UK), National Science Centre (UK), McCrone Research Institute (US).


German Secret Weapons, Blueprint for Mars, 1969; Allied Secret Weapons, the War of Science, 1970; Microbiology and Food, 1970; (co-author) The Recovery, Removal and Reconstruction of Human Skeletal Remains, 1970; (co-author) History of the English-Speaking Peoples, 1971; Nonscience ... or How to Rule the World (scientific satire), 1971; V1, V2, (in Japanese) 1971; The Optical Microscope Manual - Past and Present Uses and Techniques, 1973; The Earth Watchers, 1973; The Revealing Lens - Mankind and the Microscope, 1973; (co-author) The Cardiff Book, 1973; Microbe Power - Tomorrow's Revolution, 1976; Patterns of Sex - the Mating Urge and our Sexual Future, 1979; Cult of the Expert (scientific satire) 1982; (co-author) Viral Pollution of the Environment, 1983; 101 Questions about Science, 1983; 101 More Questions about Science, 1984; Single Lens - the Story of the Simple Microscope, 1985; Compute: How, Why, do I Really Need To? 1985; (co-author) Sex and Health, 1985; The Food Book, 1986; (co-author) Walking in Britain, 1988; The Human Body, 1990; Leeuwenhoek Legacy, 1991; Images of Science - a History of Scientific Illustration, 1992; The First Encyclopedia of Science, 1993; New Quiz Book, 1994.




503200 Biology, 512600 Physics, 513900 Sciences.