'Food for Thought' on Channel Four

1: Opening sequence. 2: In the supermarket. 3: A life-time of food. 4: processing cereals.

5: European grain mountain. 6: Future of the fields. 7: One of the sheep we eat in a lifetime.

This series of eight programmes was twice broadcast
on Channel 4 TV (1984, 1986) and released on video.
Billings for Food for Thought, with Brian J Ford and Marion Bowman,
published in Television Times and other national media. Programme titles:

  • 1: The Diet Revolution
  • 2: Diet and your Health
  • 3: Messages Old & New
  • 4: Down on the Farms
  • 5: Choice Cuts of Meat
  • 6: Looking at Labelling
  • 7: Planning a Better Diet
  • 8: The Future of Eating
  • Series first transmitted September/October/November 1984, Channel Four.
    Repeated in January/February/March 1986.

    Series since published for schools and colleges by Illustra Films and the Health Education Council.

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