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FORD, Brian J.

Born: Corsham, UK.
Job: Chartered Research Biologist, Author and Broadcaster.
Interests: Interdisciplinary science, plant physiology, microbial ecology, hæmostatic mechanisms, biohazard, science education, microscopy, history of science, etc.
Higher Education: CBiol, FIBiol.
First Experience: Medical Research Council, junior research assistant, 1958-59.
Appointments: University of Cardiff, fellow 1986-, member of court 1982-.
Directorships: British Mensa Ltd, 1993-; National Science Centre Ltd, 1994-; McCrone Research Institute, USA 1994-; Van Leeuwenhoek Institute, USA 1995-.
Societies: Institute of Biology, fellow 1987, history sector chairman, 1989-, member of council, 1995-; Linnean Society of London, surveyor of scientific instruments 1985-, member of council 1991-, zoological secretary 1994-; Royal Microscopical Society, fellow 1962-; National Book League, member of council 1983-1986; European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations, Brussels, president 1984-1986; Society of Authors, chairman of science committee 1986-1988; Keynes College, University of Kent, honorary member 1988-; Royal Society of Health, vice-chairman, nutrition committee 1988-1989; Society for the Application of Research, member of council, 1995-; Cambridge Philosophical Society, fellow 1989-.
Publications: Books, 74 edns, incl. Microbiology and Food, 1970; Cult of the Expert, 1985; Images of Science, 1992.
Journals: European Biotechnology Newsletter, contributing editor, 1986-; Scientific and Technical Authors' newsletter, editor 1988-1989; Biology History, editor, 1988-.

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