Scientific projects and papers from the 1950's

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An informal index of some childhood experimental notes, etc.

Ford, Brian J., 1950, [project] Nature-printing with blue-print paper, Hampshire: Lordsfield School.

Ford, Brian J., 1950-1951 [project] Anatomy: the Hand, London: Minchenden School, London N14.

Ford, Brian J., 1954, Solar eclipse - direct projection experiments, Peterborough.

Ford, Brian J., 1954-1955, ‘Journey to Mars’, study project, Peterborough: The King’s School.

Ford, Brian J., 1954, Aquatics Club [posters and circulars], Peterborough: The King’s School.

Ford, Brian J., 1956, Experiment books:

Report, 1956, BJF lectures on ‘Bacteria’, Cathays High School school magazine, July.

Ford, Brian J., 1956, A Naturalised colony of Pteris regia in Sussex, with photographs, 2pp.

Ford, Brian J., 1957, Flowering Plants, studies from herbarium numbers: G27 - G259, April-June [in archive collection].

Ford, Brian J., 1957-1958, Posters for School Scientific Society meetings, [in archive file].

Ford, Brian J., 1958, Sully Island, Floral Species and Topographical Map, 1:750, Summer 1957-1958.

Ford, Brian J., 1958, Osmunda regalis, a Comparative Study, A-level botany thesis, January.

Ford, Brian J., 1958, [Humorous scientific theory] The Hole Truth, Cathays High School Magazine, July.

Ford, Brian J., 1958-1959, Research Projects:

Ford, Brian J., 1959, Notes on Anogramma leptophylla: the rare annual fern of the Channel Isles, with water-colour and photograph, 7pp, see archive file.

Ford, Brian J., 1959,

Bacteria p1 Rotifera p7  Mycology p13  Cycads p21
Algae p2 Mollusca p7  Mycology/hosts p14  Monocotyledons p22
Palaeobotany p2 Annelida p8  Pteridophyta p15  Dicotyledons p23
Protozoa p3 Insecta p9  Filices: spores p16  Bryophyta p24
Coelenterata p4 Crustacea p10  — gametophytes p17  Filices asexual p25
Platyhelminthes p5 Pisces p10  — embryology p18  Press Cuttings p26
Nematoda p6 Histology p11  — anatomy p19  Micrographs p28
Nemertines p6 Histopathology p12  — morphology p20   — [new] p45
 Rosaceae p31  Cruciferae p34  Rubiaceae p36  Carophyllaceae 6
 Papilonaceae p32  Labiatae p35  Umbelliferae p36  Primulaceae p38
 Compositae p33  Scrophulariaceae p36  Ericacea p37  Geraniaceae p39

[in archive collection]. Herbarium filed separately.

Ford, Brian J., 1959, research papers:

NOTE: Weekly newspaper column Science and You commenced September 1959.

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