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Gray, John, 2003, quotes Brian J Ford in Straw Dogs.

BJF, 2003, Defnuddio'r Microsgop Digidol, Welsh translation by Huw Roberts, ISBN 0-9543595-1-8, 32pp, Cambridge: Rothay House.

BJF, 2003, Using the Digital Microscope, reprinted (with corrections) ISBN 0-9543595-0-X, Cambridge: Rothay House.

Bishop, L M, 2003, includes Leeuwenhoek cork section imaged by Brian J Ford through a scanning electron microscope [in] How to win the Nobel Prize, notes from an Unexpected Life in Science, Harvard: University Press [in press].

Coppedge, David, 2003, includes image of Leeuwenhoek microscope [in] Microscopic Magnificence, Christian History, 76, vol XXI (4): 42-43.

BJF, 2002, 45-minute presentations on Cunard, Queen Elizabeth 2, 2003 World Cruise:

Sailing Manhattan, New York - Fort Lauderdale, Miami - Willemstad, Curaçao - Panama Canal - Balboa, Panama - Acapulco, Mexico - Los Angeles, California; 5-18 January.
Cleverdon, Lisa, 2003, The truth is out there (quotes BJF, with photographs of object in sky), Whittlesey Cambridgeshire Times: 64, 31 January.

BJF, 2003, vote of thanks for Professor John Taylor lecture Taking the Long View, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College, 1930h, 3 February.

[Interview, 2003, for Westminster University film school, 4 February].

BJF, 2003, On the Irrelevance of Universities, the Bayer CropScience Lecture to Cambridge University Scientific Society, 12 February.

BJF, 2002, 45-minute presentations on P&O, MV Aurora, 2003 World Cruise:

Sailing: Sydney, Australia - CID Harbour, Whitsunday Islands, Australia - New Britain - Yokohama, Japan - Hiroshima, Japan - Shanghi, China - Hong Kong, China, 17 February - 7 March.

Programme, 2003, BJF to host Schools Make Music, Sir Harry Smith College, Whittlesey, Cambridge, 1900h, 7 March.

Cleverdon, Lisa, 2003, Village to get hall after 50 years trying, Whittlesey Cambs Times: 3, 11 April.

James, Tony, 2003, interview with BJF on Eastrea Centre project, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Cambridshire, 0820-0825h, 14 April [edited transcript on www.eastrea.net].

Barker, Irena, 2003, Village centre to sail into future, Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 10 (with photographs), 16 April.

Parry, Phil, 2003, interview with BJF on demise of Innovations catalogue, Good Evening Wales, BBC Wales, 1620-1625h, 18 April.

BJF, 2003, 45-minute presentations on MV Discovery Baltic Discovery cruise:

BJF, 2003, Chairman of Michael Crawford lecture on Omega-3 oils and Evolution, Cambridge: Society for the Application of Research, Churchill College, 1930-2000h, 9 June.

BJF, 2003, 60-minute presentations on P&O, MV Adonia, Voyage to Venice Cruise:

[see also: Miracle of Water with Brian Ford, with photograph, Adonia Today: 4, 24 June; Repeat by Popular Request, with photograph, ibid: 3, 27 June; Rising Sea's (sic), with photograph, ibid: 3, 29 June 2003].
Sailing: Southampton, England - Malaga, Spain, - Cagliari, Sardinia - Dubrovnik, Dalmatia - Venice, Italy - Messina, Sicily - Palma, Majorca - Gibraltar - Southampton, England; 18 June - 4 July.

BJF, 2003, Lectures to Inter Micro 2003:

Chicago: McCrone Research Institute, Talbott Hotel.

BJF, 2003, 45-minute presentations on MV Ocean Majesty, Spitzbergen, Fjords and North Cape Cruise:

Sailing: Harwich, England - Alesund, Norway - Honningsvåg, North Cape - Longyearbyen, Spitzbergen - Magdalenafjord, Spitzbergen - Ny Ålesund, Spitzbergen - Molde, Norway - Andalsnes, Norway - Olden, Norway - Bergen, Norway - Harwich, England. 26 July - 9 August 2003.

BJF, 2003, Czujace Istoty, zmysly i emocje roslin, zwierzat i mikroorganizmow, (Lithuanian edition of Sensitive Souls, q.v) ISBN 83-7169-796-1, 223 pp., NR 10327, Lithuania.

BJF, 2003, Books in an era of Dumbing Down, Swanwick Writers' Summer School, 2015-2100h, 12 August.

BJF, 2003, [new edition of] Czujace Istoty, Polish translation by Amber, cena 29.80zl.

BJF, 2003, [editor] GM Crops, the Scientists Speak, h/b ISBN 0-9543595-2-6, 100pp, Cambridge: Rothay House.

BJF, 2003, [editor] GM Crops, the Scientists Speak, p/b ISBN 0-9543595-3-4, 100pp, Cambridge: Rothay House.

BJF, 2003, El futuro de los alimentos, Perspectivas de futuro, (Spanish edition of Future of Food, q.v., translated by Esther Teira Castellote, 128pp, ISBN 84-8067-442-2, Barcelona: Blume.

BJF, 2003, 45-minute presentations on MV Ocean Majesty, Madeira and Casablance Cruise:

Sailing: Harwich, England - Cherbourg, France - Lisbon, Portugal - Funchal, Madeira - Casablanca (for Marrakech), Morocco - Gibraltar - Cádiz, Spain - La Coruña, Spain - Harwich, England. 17 July - 30 September 2003.

Ford, Brian J., 2003, Scientific Illustration [chapter in] The Cambridge History of Science, Edited by Roy Porter, Volume 4 The Eighteenth Century, Chapter 24, ISBN: 0521572436.

Barker, Irena, 2003, So they were right, we don't want GM foods [report summarizes GM Crops book, q.v.], Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 8-9, 26 September 2003.

Macolm, Sue, 2003, review of GM Crops book, q.v., with colour photograph, Bookshelf [in] Biologist 50 (5): 239, October.

Report, 2003, Fresh perspective on GM crops (with colour photograph), Laboratory News: 4, October.

BJF, 2003, interviewed by Adam Hart-Davies on Leeuwenhoek, Inventors Imperfect, BBC Radio 4, 1100-1130h, 29 October. [Sound file in archive].

Macleod, John, 2003, review of GM Crops book, q.v., with colour photograph, The Garden (Royal Horticultural Society magazine): 879, November.

BJF, 2003, An evening with Brian, the disease revolution, The Microscope 51 (4): 209-220.

Rudzik, Eileen Pyne, 2003 (ed) includes microscope images by Brian J Ford [in] Flow of Matter in Living Systems, Pearson Education Canada, [in press].

Paustian, Timothy, 2003, publishes BJF micrographs in microbiology text for Atomic Dog (www.atomicdog.com) [in press].

Vellinga, Willem-Pier, 2003, published BJF micrographs in microscopy coursebook, Eindhoven University of Technology, [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews C. Edward Stevens and Ian D. Hume, 1996,Comparative Physiology of the Vertebrate Digestive System, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-44418-7, £55.00,$79.00, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society [in press]

BJF, 2003, reviews The human brain: a guided tour, by Susan Greenfield. London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1997, ISBN 0 297 81692 6, 162pp, £11.99, Biologist, [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews Essential Oil Crops, by E.A. Weiss, CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, UK, 1997, xi + 600 pp., line drawings, monotones, h/b, ISBN 0-85199-137-8, price £75 $135, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews The Moths and Butterflies of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, by F. N. H. Smith, publ. Gem Publishing Company,Wallingford, UK. 1997, xiv+434pp., maps, colour plates (32 pp), H/B ISBN 0-906802-07-5 £44 + £3 p/p (UK) or £4.50 (non-UK), Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews Andrew F. G. Bourke and Nigel R. Franks, 1996, Social Evolution in Ants, Princeton: University Press, Jersey, USA., p/b 0-691-04426-0, £19.95, $29.95., h/b ISBN 0-691-04427-9, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews Nikolov, Hristo, 1996, Dictionary of Plant Names in Latin, German, French and English, ISBN 3 443 50019 6, Berlin & Stuttgart: Cramer, [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews Theodore T. Kozlowski and Stephen G. Pallardy, Physiology of Woody Plants, 2nd edition, San Diego: Academic Press, 1997, line drawings and photographs, H/B ISBN 0-12-424162-X, [in press].

BJF, 2003, reviews The Fats of Life by Caroline M. Pond, publ Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1998, 337 pp., monotones, line drawings, H/B ISBN 0-521-58321-7, £35, US$ 59.95, P/B ISBN 0-521-63577-2, £12.95, US$ 19.95, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, [in press].

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