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(Anon, 1990, Libros en Venta en Hispanoamerica y Espana includes at 613 ptas: Ford, Brian J., 1971, Armas Secretas Alemanas: Prologo A La Astronautica, [Spanish Edition of German Secret Weapons], ISBN unknown, Madrid: Libreria Editorial San Martin. Ford, Brian J., 1973, Armas Secretas Aliadas, [Spanish Edition of Allied Secret Weapons], ISBN unknown, Madrid: Libreria Editorial San Martin).

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McCormick Center, Chicago, August.

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[BJF, Correction to above, unpublished, 2 October 1990].

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[see also] Lensman release, Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society, 25 (6).

Promotional leaflet, Leeuwenhoek Legacy 1990, (sent by Lord Butterfield), October.

[BJF, 1990, The Scott Trilogy:

Manuscripts of novels for children, commissioned by Collins].

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Goldbarth, Arnold, 1990, acknowledges Brian J Ford publications on Leeuwenhoek [in] Delft, essay poem, Kenyon review, XII: 76-96. [reprinted as: Delft - an Essay-poem, Maryville: GreenTower Press].


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