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Ford, Brian J., 1989, Die Deutschen Geheimwaffen, [3rd German edition German Secret Weapons, translation by H. Weilguni], ISBN 3-8118-7276-1, Rastatt: Moewig.

Biography, 1989, BJF [in] Writers Directory, St James Press, 1990-1992 edition.

Wade J., 1989, Brian J Ford to address Magic Circle, with Paul Daniels, [report with picture], Magic Circular: 12-13, January.

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Sweeting, Charles, 1989, Reports Brian J Ford at the Savage Club, Union Jack, New York, March.

Wade, J., 1989, reports Brian J Ford at Magic Circle Banquet, Magic Circular: 44, March.

BJF, 1989, Beating Time: Adjusting your Body to beat Jet Lag, Executive Travel, 11 (3): 77, March.

[Reports of Brian J Ford at the Savage Club], Drumbeat: 26, March.

BJF, 1989, Brian J Ford Guest with Carol Vorderman on Take Nobody's Word for It, BBCtv (repeat), 17 March.

Schröder, M., 1989, [cites Brian J Ford in] Temperamente, 2: 161, March.

Biography, 1989, BJF [in] Who's Who in Europe.

Report, with group photograph, 1989, Brian J Ford speaks at Oxford Conference, Ferment, 2 (1): 16, March. See also microscope study by BJF, front cover illustration.

Helal, Basil, 1989, [cites BJF in] The Hunterian Oration, The London Hospital, 18 April (published in 1988 edition).

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Announcement, 1989, On Myths and Mysticisms about Food, Symposium Programme, Royal Society of Health, June.

Announcement, 1989, BJF to chair Open Archives meeting, Biology History, June.

[in] Drumbeat: 1, 3, 8, London: Savage Club, July.

BJF, 1989, Artificial Tooth & Socket, Patent Application, GB 2211 416 A 5, July.

BJF, 1989, papers at Inter Micro 89:

BJF, 1989, The Channel Tunnel, Location Report for Film Crew, 14pp, August

BJF, 1989, The Discovery of Saccharomyces, Ferment, 2 (4): 221-223, August.

Hall, A. R., 1989, [Cites Brian J Ford in] Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 43: 248-273, August.

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Announcement, 1989, A New History of the Microscope, with abstract, The Linnean, 5 (3): 15, August.

BJF, 1989, The Survey of Microscopes and Memorabilia, The Linnean, 5 (3): 31-33; see also Lecture, p 43, August.

Sweeting, Charles, 1989, Brian J Ford on Savage Club Menus, British and Commonwealth Calendar: 1, New York, August/September.

Announcement, 1989, Brian J Ford to speak at Pacific Conference, American Chemical Society, Autumn Programme.

Extract, 1989, Channel Four TV 'Play for the Future', includes opening sequence from Brian J Ford series 'Computer Challenge', q.v., 7 September.

BJF, 1989, Reappraising the Origins of Microscopy [with colour illustrations], Leading Paper, Microscopy and Analysis, 13: 7-10, September.

Announcement, 1989, Brian J Ford to Lecture at Fall Meeting, Appalachian Microscopical Society, Autumn.

Announcement, 1989, Brian J Ford to Chair Meeting on Current Archive Research, Biologist, 36 (4): 213, September.

BJF, 1989, [proofs] Antony van Leeuwenhoek, Microscopist and Scientist, Institute of Biology, September.

Poster, 1989, Brian J Ford Guest Speaker at Clemson University, Autumn.

BJF, 1989, The Lensman Microscope Project Manual, 26pp, Science of Cambridge, October.

BJF, 1989, Image Quality in Early Analytical Microscopy [lecture], American Chemical Society Meeting, Pasadena, California, 19 October.

BJF, 1989, The Early History of the Optical Microscope [lecture], Appalachian Microscopical Society Meeting at Charleston, South Carolina, 20 October.

BJF, 1989, Leeuwenhoek's Techniques of Microscopy [lecture], Clemson University, South Carolina, 21 October.

Report, 1989, Brian J Ford with Carol Vorderman, Drumbeat 28: 4, London: Savage Club, October.

BJF, 1989, Savage Celebrities, Drumbeat, 28: 3, London: Savage Club, October.

[BJF, 1989, Manuscripts Commissioned:

London: Walker Books Ltd, October].

Announcement, 1989, Brian J Ford to speak at 'Eat Now, Pay Later' symposium, Royal Society of Health, October.

BJF, 1989, [presenter] Der Blicke in die Röhe, Eurotunnel, West German Television Documentary, 27 October.

BJF, 1989, A New History of the Microscope [lecture demonstration], Linnean Society, Burlington House, 2 November.

Highfield, R., 1989, Earliest microscopes seen in clearer light [with picture], Daily Telegraph: 7, 3 November.

BJF, 1989, Microscope Review, Natural History, 1 (1): 59, November.

BJF, 1989, Myths and Mysticisms about Food [Lecture as Deputy Chairman of Food and Nutrition Committee], Royal Society of Health, British Association for the Advancement of Science Lecture Theatre, 8 November.

Report, 1989, Fish and Chips are Good for Diets says Scientist, Wolverhampton: Express and Star, 9 November.

Wilkins, E., 1989, Forget the Salad - Wholemeal isn't the Upper Crust, Daily Mail, 9 November.

BJF, 1989, [Contribution to] The Jimmy Young Show, BBC Radio 2, 9 November.

BJF, 1989, [Contribution to] London Broadcasting Morning Show, 9 November.

Quote, 1989, Who Said What? [News quiz quotes BJF], Sunday Times: B20, 12 November.

Holland, J., 1989, [Cites BJF in] Microscopes and Microscopy, Sydney: Macleay Museum.

BJF, 1989, [Contribution to] A.M. Programme, BBC Radio Wales, 14 November.

BJF, 1989, Chairman's Address, Open Archives Meeting, History Committee of Institute of Biology, Burlington House, Piccadilly, 14 November.

Ashwell, M., 1989, Making a Meal, Correspondence Column, Daily Mail, 15 November.

Report, 1989, Brian J Ford elected Fellow, Philosophical Society Report, Cambridge, November.

Raven, P. H., and Johnson, B. B., 1989, Pictures of Leeuwenhoek microscope and Specimen [in] Understanding Biology: 84-85, 1st edition, New York: Mosby-Yearbook Inc.

Announcement, 1989, Brian J Ford to speak on The Single Lens Microscope, [in] Landmark Discoveries in the Natural World, April 1990, Society for History of Natural History, November.

Sweeting, Charles, 1989, Biographical Summary and ffolkes cartoon of Brian J Ford, British and Commonwealth Calendar No 64, New York: November.

BJF, 1989, Discussion on East Germany, John Dunn Show, BBC Radio 2, 29 November.

Report, 1989, Brian J Ford lecture summarized in Biology History, December.

BJF, 1989, The Future of the Club, Savage Wanderings, Entertainments Programme, Drumbeat, London: Savage Club, December.

Lockyer, K., 1989, reports Brian J Ford with Katie Boyle - Katie pulls it Off, Drumbeat, London: Savage Club, December.

McCrone, Walter, 1989, reports:

The Microscope, 37 (3/4): 268, 285, Winter.

BJF, 1989, Delving into Hooke's Research - Lacunæ in Quills and Cell-walls in Cork, Microscopy, 36 (4): 301-306, 328.

Williams, R. J. B., 1989, [cites Brian J Ford in] Microscopy in 1763, Microscopy Bulletin, 14: 14, Winter.

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BJF, 1989, [in] Blicke in der Röhe, [documentary on Channel tunnel], produced for German Television by Joachim Meßner.


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