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BJF, 1996, Science Column (8): Modern Marvels [Soho in space; Chinese satellite; Word virus; apple genes; gum germ], Boz magazine, 21: 10, January.

Report, 1996, Brian J Ford with young members at Junior Mensa at Cambridge (photograph), Foundation for Gifted Children brochure: 2-3, January.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (22): Fast Forward, Mensa Magazine: 12, January.

BJF, 1996, How Science Really Happened (lecture to Euemenides), Godmanchester, Cambridge, 1930h, 15 January.

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BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (23): Pupil Power, Mensa Magazine: 12, February.

Report, 1996, Brian J Ford as Leeuwenhoek in Chicago (with photograph), Focus - New York Academy of Sciences Newsletter: 15, February.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (9): Modern Marvels [Questionnaire; cocaine vaccine; Concorde; W-95; Cycliophora], Boz magazine, 22: 11, February.

Andersen, Hanne, 1996, Review of Images of Science, Centaurus 38: 93-94.

BJF, 1996, Chairman of Sixth Form Lecture, Patrick Riley on Cancer, a Biological Enigma, London: Linnean Society, 22 February.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (24): Talking shop, Mensa Magazine: 12, March.

Barnhurst, Kevin, 1996, [Review of Images of Science], Les frauduleux, Science and the Crisis of Representation, Journal of Communication, 46 (1): 159-168.

'Brian J Ford comes at the tropic inductively, concentrating on an assiduous array of visual evidence. Images of Science provides just what the title suggests: hundreds of illustrations, thoroughly captioned, with a fact-based narrative. Ford is an extreme realist [who] demonstrates that rich, detailed observations often contradict theory. His attention to detail teaches a valuable lesson ...'

Johnson, Gary, 1996, cites Brian J Ford's Cult of the Expert [in] Monkey Business, London: Gower Press.

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BJF, 1996, Science Column (11): Modern Marvels [Genetic tomato, Morrisey cancer, photocopiers], Boz magazine, 24: 9, April.

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Report, 1996, Mad rush for BSE book, The Bookseller: 35, 3 May.

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Hart, Vanessa, 1996, Mad cow cannibal theory (with colour photograph), Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 1, 7 May.

Ford, Brian J., 1996, BSE - The Facts, ISBN 0 552 14530 0, 208pp, £4.99, London: Corgi Books.

Interviews with Brian J Ford, 7 May

Hart, Vanessa, 1996, BSE: cutting out the fear (with colour photographs of Brian J Ford and BSE book), Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 14-59 (central spread), 8 May.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (26): God only knows, Mensa Magazine: 12, May.

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[Crawford, Alex], 1996, Eating beef causes kuru (front page lead story, with photograph), Laboratory News: 1, May.

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Rhodes, Peter, 1996, Sheer madness (feature on BSE book), Birmingham Express, 10 May.

Cuvelier, Monique, 1996, Book slates government handling of beef crisis (with photograph), Western Mail: 8, 9 May [see also promotional paragraph, p2].

Bassindale, Catherine, 1996, Mad cow or the cannibal disease? London Evening Standard: 30, 15 May.

Elliott, Chris, 1996, Public just want truth about BSE says expert with photograph), Cambridge Evening News: 8, 16 May.

MacConnell, Sean, 1996, Cheetah in Fota which died from BSE becomes focus of inquiry into disease (quotes BSE: The Facts), Irish Independent: 1, 23 May.

Michael Ryan, Irish Radio, 11.00am, 23 May.
Main news, Irish Radio, (recording) 3.30pm, 23 May.

Arthur, Charles, 1996, Still searching for real facts (review of BSE: The Facts), Independent: 21, 23 May.

Review, 1996, Laying the blame for mad cow disease (review of BSE: The Facts), Economist, 25 May

Report, 1996, Soul mates (BJF to chair Mensa at Cambridge), Mensa Magazine: 5, [see also Mensa at Cambridge, the Golden Age, ibid: 35], June.

Dale, Richard, 1996, Benefits of capitalism (letter re Brian J Ford article), Mensa Magazine: 7, June.

Anon, 1993, Must this cow die? re BSE: The Facts, Front cover feature, Mensa Magazine, June.

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Announcement, 1996, BSE: The Facts, Mensa Magazine: 15, July.

Russell, A., 1996, Bad timing (letter re Brian J Ford column on teaching), Mensa Magazine: 7-8, July.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (14): Modern Marvels [low salt, plane doctors, skin eggs, couch disease], Boz magazine, 27: 4, July.

Spedding, Sir Colin, 1996, (Brian J Ford on innovation quoted in) Agriculture and the Citizen, London: Champan and Hall, July.

[Crawford, Alex], 1996, Blood bank warning about BSE-infected beef (quotes Brian J Ford and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), Laboratory News: 1, July.

BJF, 1996, Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Public Forum with Richard Lacey and Ben Willis, Derby University: SciTech, 1900h, 3 July.

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BJF, 1996, Lectures at Inter Micro 96,

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (29): Let's have fun, not fear, Mensa Magazine: 30, August.

BJF, 1996, Interviews re vertical transmission of BSE, Newsnight (BBC2) 2230h, 1 August; Sky News 2245h, 1 August; Sky News 0700h, 0800h, 0900h, 2 August.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (15): Modern Marvels [flywheel, stethoscope, venturestar], Boz magazine, 28: 4, August.

Rowntree, Frank, 1996, review of Leeuwenhoek Legacy, Micspace book review, August.
"Not only a major work of scientific scholarship but also a superbly written historical detective story.A task of great responsibility ... succeeded beyond measure. His book will undoubtedly become one of the Great Works of the literature of the history of microscopy."

Announcement, 1996, Imitations of Life [promoting Brian J Ford's Images of Science, with colour feature], Barnes & Noble Catalogue: 7, Fall issue.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (30): Uglies of the world Unite, Mensa Magazine: 12 [see also front page promotion], September.

BJF, 1996, Hidden Secrets of the Royal Society Archive [illustrated lecture], Systemics and Museum Collections, Linnean Society Regional Meeting, Belfast: Ulster Museum, 1430h, 28 August.

BJF, 1996, Creative Mind Management [lecture], London: Mosimann Academy, 1530h, 30 August.

BJF, 1996, Interviews re BSE and Mensa Golden Jubilee, various radio and television programmes including Newsnight and World Service TV, not logged, August/September.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (16): Modern Marvels [thought control, new neurons, magnetic fields, boulder], Boz magazine, 29: 4, September.

Mims, Cedric, 1996, Review of BSE: The Facts, Biologist, 43 (4): 186-187, September.
‘This is, on the whole, a fair account of BSE and the BSE crisis ... the overwhelming message is the lamentable part played by the Government. There is a second welcome message about governmental ignorance and misunderstanding of science. I enjoyed reading the book, as a readable, popular account. Most scientists will be pleased that it extols the virtues of academic as opposed to commercially driven research. The author ends with an excellent set of suggestions for food safety and for the Government understanding of science.’

Report, 1996, Life's turning out peachy for scientist [with colour photograph], Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 13, 12 September.

Report, 1996, Peach of a garden crop [with photograph], Peterborough Citizen: 7, 12 September.

Burrell, Ian, 1996, Eating for Britain - risk in modern meals [quotes BJF on food poisoning]. Sunday Express: 16, 15 September.

Deutsch, Daniel, 1996, Brownian Motion, now you see it, now you don't, [discusses BJF's research, in] Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society, 31 (3): 222-227.

Spedding, Sir Colin, 1996, [discusses BJF on innovation, in] Agriculture and the Citizen: 222-223, with table 16.1, London: Chapman and Hall, September.

BJF, 1996, BSE, presentation to Polynous, Cambridge: Trinity College, 1100h, 19 September.

BJF, 1996, Address at King's School speech day prize-giving, Peterborough Cathedral, 1430h, 20 September.
See also Speech Day programme, Peterborough: King's School, 20 September; and
Brian J Ford former Chairman of Old Petriburgians Association, Peterborough: Bull Hotel Menu, 21 September.

BJF, 1996, Chairman's address, inaugural History Sector luncheon, University College, Crewe, 1445h.
Reported, with colour photograph, in Manchester Metropolitan University Newsletter, 33: 4, see December.

BJF, 1996, Ethnic Foods [lecture], London: Mosimann Academy, 1500h, 25 September.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (31): Without due Cause, Mensa Magazine,: October.

BJF, 1996, Lecture: BSE - The Facts, Branch Meeting of the Institute of Biology, Cardiff University, 1900h, 2 October. See also: posters and announcements.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (17): Modern Marvels [taxi germs, contraceptive museum,hard water magnet, resistant staphylococci, new coffee], Boz magazine, 30: 12, October.

Report, 1996, New Guinness Quiz book competition, Newcastle: Sunday Sun, 6 October.

BJF, 1996, Lecture: BSE and the Public, Townswomen’s Guild Conference, Newcastle City Hall, 1130h, 29 October.

Biography, 1996, Brian J Ford [in] Dictionary of International Biography, 24th edition, 1996, Cambridge: IBC.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (32): Sounds fishy, Mensa Magazine: 12, November.

BJF, 1996, Lecture: BSE and the Public, Townswomen’s Guild Conference, Nottingham: Poswt House, 1430h, 18 November.

Anon, 1996, Brian J Ford (with Sir John Maddox) chairing Institute of Biology/Royal Pharmaceutical Society symposium, 20 March 1997, Biologist 43 (5): 234.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (18): Modern Marvels [koala, ozone, organ store, Mediterranean], Boz magazine, 31: 11, October.

Ruestow, E G, 1996, cites Brian J Ford's Revealing Lens (1973), Single Lens (1985) and Leeuwenhoek Legacy (1991) in The Microscope in the Dutch Republic, The Shaping of Discovery, Cambridge: University Press.

BJF, 1996, Lamenting the loss of the micron, The Microscope.

BJF, 1996, [Editor] Biology History, 8 (2 & 3): 60pp, December.

BJF, 1996, Science Column (19): Modern Marvels, Boz magazine, 31: 11, November.

Report, 1996, Institute of Biology (report of Brian J Ford chairing Sir Cyril Clarke, with colour photograph), Manchester Metropolitan University Newsletter, 33: 4, December

Burrows, Peter, 1996, Clinical evidence (commenting on Brianwave No 31, October) Mensa Magazine: 7, December.

[BJF, 1996, The Biodiversity meeting at Leiden and European zoological research, Global Biodiversity Research in Europe, Frankfurt: Senckenberg Institute, 1600h, 10 December].

BJF, 1996, Confirming Brown's Observations of Brownian Movement, Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society, 31 (4): 316-321 (see also text file.)

BJF, 1996, Science Column (20): Modern Marvels [resuscitation, banana vaccine, smoking, bifida, baldness], Boz magazine, 32: 11, December.

Wormald, Mark, 1996, cites Brian J Ford's Revealing Lens (1973) and Single Lens (1985) in Microscopy and Semiotic in Middlemarch, Nineteenth Century Literature, 50: 501-510.

BJF, 1996, Brian Wave Column (33): Au revoir, Mensa Magazine: 16, December.

Ford, Brian J.,1996, Images Imperfect, the Legacy of Scientific Illustration, [chapter in] Yearbook of Science and the Future: 134-157, Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica.

Cooke, Peter, 1996, cites Brian J Ford in Review of Chemical Microscopy, Analytical Chemistry, 68 (12): R333-378.

BJF, 1996, guest appearance with Scott Chisholm, New Year’s Review, National Talk Radio, 31 December, 0900-1000h.

BJF,1996, Zmogaus kūnas, Kaina kitur: Lt 5.00, Mūsų kaina:Lt 4.10, Jūs sutaupote: 18 % Leidykla: ISBN: 9985-0-0212-1, Puslapių skaičius: 61, Formatas: 20x26 cm. Lithuania: Vilnius.

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