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Biography, 1980, BJF [in] Writers' Directory, 1980-1982 edition, London: St. James' Press.

Ford, Brian J., 1980, Armas Secretas Aliadas [2nd Spanish edition of Allied Secret Weapons, translation by Diorki], ISBN unknown, Madrid: San Martin.

Biography, 1980, BJF [in] Men and Women of Achievement, 1980-1981 edition, IBC, March.

BJF, 1980, You Are What you Learn [synopsis, unpublished, original in Desk Diary], 13 March.

BJF, 1980, The Survival of the Ecosphere [lecture], Mensa, London, 2000h, 27 March.

Ford, Brian J., 1980, Patterns of Sex - the Mating Urge and our Sexual Future 205 pp, ISBN 0-312-59811-4, New York: St Martin’s Press, April.

Anon, 1980, review of Patterns of Sex, Kirkus Reviews, 48: 99-100.

Anon, 1980, review of Patterns of Sex, Library Journal, 105: 994, April.

Rimlaud, Ingrid, 1980, Patterns of Sex [review of BJF's 'sharp, serious, intricate book'], Tribune, Tampa: 40, 7 May.

Frances, John, 1980, review of Patterns of Sex, Best Sellers, 36, (40): 65, 27 May.

Report, 1980, Back in Time to the Eye of a very old Fly [news report on Kodak Bursary], South Wales Echo, ?15 June.

Report, 1980, Small Wonder [on Kodak Bursary], Cardiff Journal: 9, 19 June.

Biography, 1980, BJF [in] International Writers' and Artists' Who's Who, 8th edition, June.

BJF, 1980, Demonstration of microslides (rat LS, glandular fever diagnosis, Rhynia in peels), Quekett Microscopical Club Newsletter, 18: 5a.

Biography, 1980, BJF [in] Dictionary of International Biography, 17th edition, 1980-1981.

BJF, 1980, Sixth Sense [proposal for Harrow House editions], unpublished, Summer.

Biography, 1980, BJF [in] International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Cambridge: IBC, September.

Billing, 1980, Forked Tongues - BJF talk, Radio Times, 30 October.

BJF, 1980, Travel Narrows the Mind, BBC London, 30 October. Broadcast available online.

BJF, 1980, Travel Narrows the Mind, [extract transcribed for publication], The Listener.

Anon, 1980, review of Patterns of Sex [in] Virginia Quarterly, Autumn, 7 November.

Brennan, T., 1980, [cites BJF in] Parliamentary Affairs, 33: 107-113, Winter.


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