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BJF, 1981, The van Leeuwenhoek Specimens [low-resolution file], Notes & Records of the Royal Society, 36 (1): 37-59. Download high-resolution PDF.

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Report, 1981, First in Field by 200 Years, Glasgow Herald, 30 July.

Report, 1981, Discovery of Microscopic Specimens 300 years old, Oxford Mail, 30 July.

Report, 1981, Specimen Finds alter our History, Evening Leader, 30 July.

Report, 1981, New Find shatters Scientists' Beliefs, South Wales Echo, 30 July.

Report, 1981, Science given a Micro Shock, Evening Mail, 30 July.

Report, 1981, Specimen finds shows Science is much Older, Shropshire Star, 30 July.

Report, 1981, Biology Slides 300 years old, Evening Echo & Post, 30 July.

Script, 1981, The News Quiz, BBC, 1830h, 31 July:

'Simon: Gillian Reynolds - where would you go underground for a seventeenth century slideshow? Answer: To the vaults of the Royal Society where biologist Brian Ford revealed that slides prepared by Antony Leeuwenhoek - a Dutch 17th century pioneer of the microscope - shows that his techniques were almost as advanced as today's. The collection of slides includes examples of cell structure, views of Bournemouth and fragments of a British Rail Edam sandwich.'

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