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[NOTE: Results published, ibid, May].

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[Coghlan, Andrew], 1995, Low lab morale [reports first results of BJF survey of scientists], New Scientist: 145 (1969): 11, 18 March.

Steiner, Rupert & Thomas, Lesley, 1995, Sacked Mensa chief sets up rival IQ club, (quotes BJF and Carol Vorderman, etc), Sunday Times: 8, 26 March
[Note also: news reports in Independent and Daily Telegraph, 25 March].

BJF, 1995, National Science: Weak (lecture), Mensa Events, 2 Carlton House Terrace, (with Jack Cohen as chairman) 1900h, 27 March.

(Grey, Maryvonne), 1995, be serious about science urges Fellow, (report of BJF lecture), Cambridge Evening News: 1, 31 March.

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Report, 1995, Self Expression (Julie Baxter on BJF in the inaugural Enabling Course), Mensa Magazine: 4, April.

Report, 1995, Scientists strongly reject current policy (report of BJF questionnaire), Laboratory News: 1, April.

[NOTE: Results published, ibid, May].

Colton, Mike, 1995, British science is far from healthy (report of BJF lecture), Peterborough: Evening Telegraph [leader page], 5 April.

[Burke, Maria], 1995, UK science rhetoric fails to impress (quotes BJF on scientists’ questionnaire, q.v.), Chemistry & Industry: 249, 3 April.

[Morgan, David], 1995, BJF to chair biohazard session, provisional programme, Managing Biological and Chemical Risks (29 September 1995), London: Institute of Biology and Medical Research Council, 6 April.

Announcement, 1995, BJF to speak at Corporate Affiliates’ Forum in June, London: Institute of Biology, April.

BJF, 1995, reviews Sanderson, J, 1995, Biological Microtechnique, Oxford: Bios, [in] Biologist, 42 (2): 91-91.

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BJF, 1995, The Ford Questionnaire [front page announcement], Scientists with Attitude (results), Laboratory News, May: 1, 8-9.

Menu, 1995, Brian J Ford guest speaker, 40th anniversary charter dinner, March: Round Table, 12 May.

[BJF, 1995, Section chairman’s address, Systematics Agenda 2000, University of Leiden, 14 May].

BJF, 1995, Chairman, Exciting Science (Society for the Application of Research meeting with Ian Purchase of Zeneca, vote proposed by Diana Anderson of BIBRA), 2030h, Churchill College Cambridge, 22 May.

Daerr, Nancy, 1995, announces BJF Lectures to Inter-Micro 95:
i) An Evening with Brian: How Scientists view their Craft. (1900h, 10 July)*
ii) Guest Appearance - Antony van Leeuwenhoek. (1500hh, 11 July)
iii) Microwriting and Forgery (1000h, 12 July)
Chicago: McCrone Research Institute Program, May.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (1): Fertility Rites, Boz magazine, 14: 12, June.

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (15): Quid pro quo, Mensa Magazine: 12, June.

Report, 1995, Big Leap for Mensa (BJF presenting inaugural Mensa enabling course), Mensa Magazine: 4, June. See also: Alright, so you’re clever, advertisement, ibid: 8).

MacKinnon, Ian, 1995, New blow for feuding high-IQ body, The Independent, 28 June.

BJF, 1995, reviews Cohen, J., and Stewart, I., 1994 The Collapse of Chaos, London: Viking, Biologist, 42 (3): 137, June.

BJF, 1995, Scientists’ Opinions on Innovation Strategy [illustrated presentation], Corporate Affiliates’ Forum, London: Institute of Biology, 8 June.

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (16): Facts of Life, Mensa Magazine: 12, July.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (2): Modern Marvels [infobahn-storming (not); slow death; more balls than most; nuisance call], Boz magazine, 15: 15, July.

Anon, 1995, Brian J Ford at Junior MaC [with photograph], Bright Sparks 2 (2): 2, July.

Roy, Peter F. & Draper, Hannah, 1995, Correspondence re Exams article, q.v., Bright Sparks 2 (2): 10-11, July.

BJF, 1995, Lectures at Inter Micro 95,
i: An Evening with Brian - Visit of Antony van Leeuwenhoek, 1900h, 10 July.
ii: Microwriting and Forgery, [address as Chairman of Forensic Science Session], 1130h, 12 July.
Chicago: McCrone Research Institute. BJF, 1995, Address to Rotary Club, Elgin, Illinois, 1300h, 17 July.

BJF, 1995, Experiences of Fostering in Britain, address to Chicago Social Services, 1330h, 19 July.

Announcement, 1995, BJF to speak on Hidden Secrets of the Microscope, Discovery and Invention (Newcastle Symposium Programme): 28, London: British Association for the Advancement of Science, July.

[Graaf, Vincent], 1995, Sperm Wail (quotes BJF), Londoner’s Diary, London Evening Standard, 27 July.

(Shannon, Sarah, 1995, Mensa News, Private Eye: 9, 28 July).

Hershey, Erica, 1995, Microscope-maker discovers tiny animals (cites BJF and Single Lens), Susquehana Times and Magazine Old News: 4-5, July-August.

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (17): Inglorious Food, Mensa Magazine: 12, August.

BJF, 1995, Reviews Bud, Robert & Cozzens, Susan (eds) Invisible connections - Instruments, Institutions and Science, 1992, History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, 17: 204-206.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (3): Asthma [Latin, bank, asthma, chocolate], Boz magazine 16: 16, August.

BJF, 1995, How Today’s Scientists view Tomorrow’s Science [illustrated lecture], Mensa at Cambridge: Magdalene College, 0900h, 4 August.

Anon, 1995, Meeting of Minds (report of BJF chairing Mensa at Cambridge ‘95), Cambridge Evening News: 3, 5 August.

MacKinnon, Ian, 1995, Mensa’s melée: the brains behind the backbiting (interviews BJF), The Independent section 2, 15 August.

Graff, Vincent, 1995, So where’s the catch? (interview with BJF on GCSE examinations), London Evening Standard: 12, 24 August 1995.
(Also: interview with Brian J Ford, 24 August: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire; report by Isabella Clarke, Anglia Television News, 24 August; copies in archive collection).

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (18): Animal Magic, Mensa Magazine: 12, September

. See also Fox, G. B., 1995, Wheat a Minute (letter on BJF’s Brian-wave column, August), ibid: 7, Baxter, J., (describes BJF’s ‘stunning delivery of wit and wisdom’ in inaugural Enabling Course), One-to-One, ibid: 14.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (4): Labels [postal germs, testosterone, drug patches, food labels, air-conditoning], Boz magazine 17: 15, September.

BJF, 1995, First Steps in Experimental Microscopy, Leeuwenhoek as Practical Scientist, The Microscope, 43 (2): 47-57, plus cover illustration of BJF.

Cain, A. J. & de Lacy, M. E., 1995, Linnaeus and contagium vivum ... [cites BJF], Medical History, 39: 159-185.

BJF, 1995, Charles Darwin and the Microscope, illustrated lecture, Darwin at Downe, History Sector of the Institute of Biology, 1600h, 9 September.

BJF, 1995, Hidden Secrets of the Microscope, illustrated lecture to British Association, Newcastle University, 1600h, 13 September.

BJF, 1995, The Early Years of Biohazard Legislation (Chairman’s Address), Managing Biological and Chemical Risks, London: Institute of Biology Meeting at Wellcome Institute, 1345h, 29 September.

Anon, 1995, Review of BJF’s New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, The Irish Post, 30 September.

Taylor, Eric, 1995, Techno food (letter re BJF column, August), Mensa Magazine: 8, October.

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (19): Untold Riches, Mensa Magazine: 12, October>.

Adair, Virginia, 1995, Mensa at Cambridge (reports BJF, with photograph), Mensa Bulletin, 390: 4, October.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (5): [chlomipramine, anorexia, NHS oil, resistance, leaf-fall], Boz magazine 18: 19, October.

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (20): Autumn Gold, Mensa Magazine: 12, November.

BJF, 1995, The Nature of Innovation, Biologist, 42 (5): 236-238, November (see also text file and other places of publication.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (6): Modern Marvels [hips; audetel; bridges; eye amoeba; Einstein], Boz magazine, 19: 21, November.

Anon, 1995, Micro (quotes BJF on micro-writing) Guinness Book of Records 1995: 18, London: Guinness.

BJF, 1995, Science Column (7): Modern Marvels [Cold fusion; pig donors; malaria; Gould CD], Boz magazine, 20: 19, December.

BJF, 1995, Brian Wave Column (21): Common Ground, Mensa Magazine: 12, December.

Biography, 1995, Brian J Ford [in] Who’s Who in Science in Europe, 9th edn., 1: 533, London: Cartermill.

Biography, 1995, BJF [in] Dictionary of International Biography, 24th edition, 1995, Cambridge: IBC .

Biography, 1995, BJF [in] Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 3rd edition, New York: Marquis Press.

(Cross-referenced in Who’s Who in America, 50th edition).

Allen, R., 1995, Brian J Ford invited to chair Junior MaC, Bright Sparks 2 (5): 2, December.

Porter, Charlotte M., 1995, [discusses BJF's Images of Science in] The History of Scientific Illustration, Journal of the History of Biology, 28: 545-550.

Verdecchia, E., 1995, Front-cover feature and interview with Brian J Ford, Milan: Panorama .

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