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Rochow, Theodore & Tucker, Paul, 1994, [refers to BJF's Leeuwenhoek and Brown research, in] Introduction to Microscopy by Means of Light, Electrons, X-Rays, or Acoustics, 2nd edn: 3-5, New York: Plenum Press.

Sweeting, C., 1994, Science (on BJF books in the USA), New York: Union Jack, January.

BJF, 1994, Reviews three Favourite Books:

Mensa Magazine: 17, Jan.

Heathwood, Bill, 1994, [refers to "this highly readable ... wealth of information" in Leeuwenhoek Legacy, q.v., in Newsletter of the Postal Microscopical Society] Balsam Post, 22: 26, January.

(Anon, 1994, Lists Brian J Ford, 1978, Microbe Power - Tomorrow's Revolution [US paperback edition], 183pp, ISBN 0-8128-6006-3, New York: Scarborough Books, in Books in print 1993-94, New York: Bowker).

Miller, D., 1994, Letter on Brian J Ford, London Mensa News, 178: 3, January.

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Anon, 1994, Brian J Ford presenting "Biodiversity through History", Institute of Biology: 1994 Annual General Meeting Programme, February.

Mulvey, Tom, 1994, acknowledges assistance of (Professor) BJF [in] Vernon Ellis Cosslett, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 40: 62-84.

Anon, 1994, Brian J Ford 'stylishly' (!) chairs Biology and Education debate (q.v.), Institute of Biology, East Anglia Branch Newsletter: 2, February.

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[BJF], 1994, Revised Code of Conduct for Consultants in Biology, [published in] Institute of Biology, Notice of Annual General Meeting: 3-4, February.

Anon, 1994, Ethics in Science, Conference Programme with BJF as speaker, London: Adam Smith Institute, 25 February.

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (1): Modern Myths, Mensa Magazine: 12, March.

Poster, 1994, Brian J Ford to lecture on Information and Misinformation in the Images of Science, London: British Library, 4 March.

BJF, 1994, Soho is like the Fluff in your Navel, Boz Magazine, 1: 5, March.

BJF, 1994, Man as Experimental Microbe, Conference Address, Royal Society of Arts, 1130h, 10 March (single-page summary). (NOTE: Taped transcript in Adam Smith Institute archive).

Announcement, 1994, Brian J Ford to lecture on Information and Misinformation in the Images of Science, Times Literary Supplement: 24, 11 March [also in other publications, e.g. Time Out].

Smeltzer, R. K., 1994, Brownian Motion [letter on Brian J Ford and Robert Brown's publications], Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society, 29 (2): 100.

BJF, 1994, Information and Misinformation in the Images of Science, illustrated lecture for SET7, 1300h, The Rotunda, Science Reference Library, Holborn, London, 24 March.

BJF, 1994, Geheime alliierte Waffen, von der Atombombe bis zur chemischen Keule, [3rd German Edition of Allied Secret Weapons, translation by Leopold Vrba] ISBN 3-8118-7342-3, Rastatt: Moewig.

Glass, Bentley, 1994, Editor Emeritus, Review of Leeuwenhoek Legacy, Quarterly Review of Biology, 69: (1) 80-83, March.
"Noteworthy contribution ... careful, thorough. Fully deserves to stand by Dobell's work. Ford has demonstrated [reasons for] Bracegirdle's inability to detect red blood cells."

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (2): Ethics of Science, Mensa Magazine: 16, April.

Lucas, A., 1994, [Review of] Images of Science, Journal of Biological Education, 28 (1).

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Anon, 1994, Diary item on promotional literature for Brian J Ford's British Library lecture, Feedback, New Scientist: 80, 16 April.

BJF, 1994, Animal Experimentation - a Communicator's View, presentation to Corporate Affiliactes' Meeting, Institute of Biology, 10 May.

BJF, 1994, Mensa Events (editorial) & Chairman's message, Mensa Magazine: 2, 20, May.

BJF, 1994, Kein Sch ner Land - Dresden (Film with English presentation by Brian J Ford), Saarl ndischer Rundfunk TV, 28 May.

Biography, 1994, Brian J Ford [in] Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2nd edition, New York: Marquis Press. (Cross-referenced in Who's Who in America, 49th edition).

Stearn, W., 1994, cites Brian J Ford's Images of Science [in] The Art of Botanical Illustration, London: Kew Gardens Books.

Report, 1994, Brian J Ford to speak at Inter Micro 94 [in] Microscopy Today, 94 (3): 10, April/May.

Colton, M., 1994, No Problem for Brainy Brian, Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 6, 25 May.

Anon, 1994, Brian J Ford's grant for history of medical microscopy [reported in] Twenty-second Annual Report: 205, 249, London: Wellcome Trust.

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (3): Load of Bankers, Mensa Magazine: 16, June.

Clark, S., 1994, Launch of Mensa Events Club (Chairman Brian J Ford), Mensa International; [and] Mensa Magazine: 23, June.

Announcement, 1994, Brian J Ford to chair First Mensa Events lecture by Raj Persaud, 'Is Sex Pathological?' with Lindi St Clair and Christine-Jane Watson, London: Royal College of Pathologists, 1900h, 9 June.

Biography, 1994, BJF [in] Writers' Directory, Detroit: St James Press, 1994-1996 edition .

BJF, 1994, The Pioneer Microscopists' View of Biology [poster presentation, reprint on file], London: The Linnean Society Conversazione, 15 June, 1930h. See also Conversazione Programme: 8, June.

James, J., 1994, Van Leeuwenhoek's Discoveries of 1677-1678 - A Look Too Far, Micron, 25 (1): 1-4, 'Observations were made by holding the microscope close to the eye and illuminating it with a restricted cone of light (Brian J Ford, British Medical Journal, 1982, 285: 1822-1824)'.

Daerr, Nancy, 1994, BJF at Inter Micro 94: An Evening with Brian and The Shape of Things Past, 18-19 July. Symposium Program, Chicago: McCrone Research Institute, June.

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (4): Expertitis, Mensa Magazine: 12, July.

Jones, Peter, 1994, Review of Images of Science, Social History of Medicine, 7 (2).

BJF, 1994, Quiz page [for] Boz Magazine, London [unpublished].

Report, 1994, Brian J Ford nominated as Zoological Secretary, The Linnean 10 (2): 3, July.

Tennent, A., 1994, (reports BJF at British Mensa Committee), Mensa Magazine: 35, July.

BJF, 1994, Lectures at Inter Micro 94,

Chicago: McCrone Research Institute.

Elliott, Trevor, 1994, [reports BJF's chairmanship of Old Petriburgians Association] Headmaster's Report, The Petriburgian: 17-13, July.

Anon, 1994, Review of Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Birmingham Evening Mail, 30 July.

Anon, 1994, Competition and picture feature with Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Lancashire Evening Post, 30 July.

Ford, Brian J., 1994, The New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, ISBN 0-85112-635-9, 128pp, 5.99, London: Guinness Publishing, 1 August.

Live interviews:

Listening copy of BBC Radio Cambridge in archive collection.

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (5): BBC Science, Mensa Magazine: 12, August.

Reports, 1994, Ford Pick-up (with photograph), reports Brian J Ford in Chicago, Mensa Magazine: 5, August (see also Brian J Ford chairing 'Mensa at Cambridge', p4, the 'Mensa Lectures', p22, and in Committee Report, p39).

Mills, Barrie, 1994, Picture feature, Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Liverpool Daily Post, 4 August.

Anon, 1994, Picture feature with competition, Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Lancashire Evening Post, ? August.

BJF, 1994, Chairman's address: Good science, false science, Mensa at Cambridge, Magdalene college, 0900h 8 August.

Colton, M., 1994, Niagara of Knowledge in Demand, (feature on Brian J Ford and 'Quiz' book, with photograph), Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 6, 10 August.

Barr, Emily, 1994, Ins and outs of the fat of the land (quotes BJF on cholesterol), The Independent: 3, 10 August.

Anon, 1994, Note on Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, The Bookseller, 12 August.

Reports, 1994, Brian J Ford Chairman of Mensa Events, presenting Mensa Lectures, Event (Mensa Events Club Magazine), August, 1: 1, 3, 4.

Demwell, L., 1994, Sex Sells (reviews Brian J Ford chairing inaugural Mensa Lecture), Event (Mensa Events Club Magazine), August, 1: 3.

BJF, 1994, Thought for today from yesterday's papers, Daily Mail, 24 August.

Massey, Ray, 1994, [Quotes Brian J Ford on deteriorating examination standards in] Thoughts for today from yesterday's papers, Daily Mail, 25 August. (Also: interview with Brian J Ford by Sue McGregor, 25 August: Today, BBC Radio Four, 0715h. Listening copy of BBC interview in archive collection).

Sander, K, 1994, An American in Paris and the Origins of the Stereomicroscope, Roux's Archives of Developmental Biology, 203 (5): 235-242, "According to the expert opinion of Brian Ford, these [microscopes] owe their invention directly to Henry Baker's need for a better view of his 'polypes'." [cites Single Lens, q.v.].

Cooke, P. M., 1994, Chemical Microscopy, Analytical Chemistry, 66 (12): R558-594, "Ford recreated [Robert Brown's] observations on Clarkia pollen with modern videomicrographs using Brown's original microscope. He proved, once again, that what is now simply called Brownian Movement was "unmistakably discernible to Brown ... " [cites BJF in Microscope, 40 (4): 235-241 (1992)].

Anon, 1994, Our Record Win, review and competition on Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Middlesborough Evening Gazette, 27 August.

BJF, 1994, Unbeatable Class of 1894, Education, Daily Mail: 40, 30 August.

(Correspondence: Holden, J., 1994, Teacher's bonus, ibid: 33, 31 August).

Announcement, 1994, Brian J Ford to chair Second Mensa Events Lecture, Edward de Bono on 'Parallel Thinking', London: Royal College of Pathologists, 1900h, 31 August.

Hunt, Betty, 1994, Mensa at Cambridge (report), The Isolated M: 3-4, August. [published March 1995].

Anon, 1994, Review with competition on Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Norwich Evening News, [prize-winners announced 1 September].

Anon, 1994, Brian J Ford's new book [and] Prize competition, Mensa Magazine: 5,

Brian J Ford to chair lectures, ibid: 22, September.

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (6): Child's Play [why do parents hate children?], Mensa Magazine: 12, September.

BJF, 1994, [Editor] Biology History, 7 (1): 40pp, September.

Anon, 1994, Full-page announcement for Leeuwenhoek Legacy (1991) in History of Science Society Newsletter, 23 (4): 11.

Anon, 1994, Brian J Ford's new book [and] prize competition, Mensa Magazine: 5, Brian J Ford to chair lectures, ibid: 22, September.

Anon, 1994, Review with competition on Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Prize Magazine, September.

Key, Philip, 1994, Picture feature and review, Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Liverpool Daily Post, 4 September.

Anon, 1994, BJF's Single Lens [in] Science and Medicine Catalogue, Chaucer Head (antique book-sellers), September.

Anon, 1994, Review with competition on Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Scottish Home and Country: 45, September.

BJF, 1994, The Institute of Biology and Animal Experimentation [revised paper], London: 30 September.

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (7): Name game, Mensa Magazine: 12, October.

Reports, 1994, BJF chairing lectures, Mensa Magazine:2 & 22; at dinner: 3; pictured: 21, 23.

[Orme, E.], 1994, Reports BJF to join Council of SAR, Welcome Newsletter, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research, October.

BJF, 1994, [editorial contributions to] Guinness Book of Records 1995, London: Guinness.

Wraxall, Ann and Barnett, Peter, 1994, Antony van Leeuwenhoek at Pasadena [refers to BJF] California Forensic Society, 21 October.

BJF, 1994, The process of Scientific Innovation [presentation], Corporate Affiliates' Forum, London: Institute of Biology, 1100h, 27 October. Transcript available.

BJF, 1994, Foreword to Mensa Yearbook 1994-1995: v, Cambridge: Mensa Publications.

Anon, 1994, BJF at State Microscopical Society of Illinois banquet (with colour photograph), The Microscope, 42 (3): 125.

McCrone, Walter, 1994, Reports BJF at Inter Micro 94, The Microscope, 42 (3): 134, 142.

BJF, 1994, Letter on the future of McCrone's and microscopy, The Microscope, 42 (3): 164.

Report, 1994, BJF appointed a Director of McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, Biologist, 41 (5): 204.

Report, 1994, Images of Science [in] Bibliography of the History of Medicine (28) 1990-93, Bethesda: National Library of Medicine.

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Anon, 1994, BJF in 'Events', pp1-2, 21-23, Mensa Magazine: 12, November.

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Miskelly, Bronagh, 1994, on BJF in Committee Report, Mensa Magazine: 41, November.

Demwell, Matthew, 1994, Reports BJF chairing de Bono lecture; see also correspondence, London Mensa News, 188: 2, 5, November.

Ford, Brian J., 1994, O Corpo Humano, Biblioteca de Informa o, [Portuguese edition of Human Body, q.v.] translation by Maria Lu sa Santos, ISBN 972-42-0950-4, C rculo de Leitores; ISBN 972-33-0961-0, Editorial Estampa, Portugal: Lisbon.

Anon, 1994, 'Any Questions? with scientist Brian J Ford,' [BBC billing for Royal Society of Chemistry programme at Huddersfield University], Radio Times and elsewhere. With Jonathan Dimbleby, Lord Geoffrey Howe, Chris Smith MP, and Mary Kenny, 11 November. (Programme repeated, with 'Any Answers?' phone-in, 12 November).

Mackay, Alan, 1994, Growth and Form (refers to BJF's Images of Science, q.v.,) paper at Tsukuba University, Japan, 21 November.

Anon, 1994, Competition with Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, South Shields Gazette, Christmas Supplement, December.

BJF, 1994, Sixth Form Lecture (see also poster), Fact and Fiction in School Textbooks, London: Linnean Society, 1800h, 2 December.

Anon, 1994, Review of Leeuwenhoek Legacy, History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, 16: 407-8. " Since the 1960s Brian J. Ford has been studying the history of microscopes. [After] his excellent Single Lens, this book is wonderful reading ... its wonderful images [offer] a lively recreation of this trip into the past."

BJF, 1994, Brian Wave Column (9): Paradise Lost, Mensa Magazine: 12, December.

Reports, 1994, BJF hosting Christmas dinner, Mensa Magazine: 1, 24, 25, December.

Ward, Ray, 1994, BJF misnamed James Bulger [letter], Mensa Magazine: 12, December.

Miskelly, Bronagh, 1994, on BJF in Committee Report, Mensa Magazine: 41, December.

Nuttall, W. G., 1994, BJF on provincial events, Trans-Pennine Express (Mensa regional Newsletter), 56: 2, December.

Davies, D. J., 1994, Schulman's comments on newsletter and BJF, Eaglet, (Mensa regional Newsletter), 3, December.

Graff, Vincent, 1994, How to Survive Christmas: The Hangover [quotes BJF on cures, etc] London Evening Standard: 13, 4 December.

Anon, 1994, Competition results with Bjf's New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, Prizes Galore, December.

Adair, Virginia, 1994, Mensa at Cambridge (with photograph of BJF and David Conning) Mensa Bulletin (USA): 2, December.

La Berge, Ann, 1994, [Review of] Leeuwenhoek Legacy, '' provocative and challenging work that will be central to our understanding ... in the hands of a skilled microsco- pist, like Ford or Leeuwenhoek," Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 68: 154-155

BJF, 1994, Mensa Events, the story so far, Mensa Events Club Magazine, 14 December.

Boutibonnes, Philippe, 1994, includes BJF on du li ge; vision au microscope; chantillons; sch ma du microscope; gravure des rotif res; fabrication des lentilles; machine polir des lentilles, [in] Un savant, une poque - van Leeuwenhoek, l’exercice du regard, Paris: Belin.

Reports, 1994, Leeuwenhoek Legacy and Images of Science [in] Current Bibliography, Isis, 85: supplement.

BJF, 1994, National Science Centre: An Introduction, 8pp, London: Laboratory News, 20 December.

Biography, 1994, BJF [in] Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences Who's Who, 5th edition: 298, London: Longman.

Ford, Brian J., 1994, Mia prima Enciclopadia della Scienza [Italian edition of First Encyclopedia of Science, q.v.] translated by Barnab Bosisio G. & Scarabelli, R., 160pp, Vallardi Industrie Grafiche, ISBN 88-7696-180-1.

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