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BSE - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

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BSE Facts

Work on this 'instant book' began on 3 April, and by 29 April printed and bound copies were complete. The 26 days between commissioning and publication are probably unique in scientific publishing. The reviews are listed on the bibliographical references site. The listing also includes the immediate response of radio and television. The book soon received its first review on the web, and was reported on web news pages. Later programmes (including regional programmes and national TV broadcasts, such as Newsnight and Sky News) are not separately logged. The timetable for production has been included, along with an account of the background to the project. See also the account of the 1991 BSE meeting at the Institute of Biology.

An extract from the book has been republished in Japanese, Tokyo: Kzai Co Ltd, 2009, above right.

Book details: Brian J Ford, 1996 BSE - The Facts, 208pp, ISBN 0 552 14530 0, 4.99, London: Corgi Books.
Text of articles can be consulted - see examples in the Evening Standard and in Boz magazine.
You can also see the
diary of the project, and the report of the 1991 meeting.
Note the
points raised in the book that later became news.
There is also a note on
BSE and kuru.