Bibliography on BSE - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

BSE Facts

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See also: the diary of writing the book

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‘This is, on the whole, a fair account of BSE and the BSE crisis ... the overwhelming message is the lamentable part played by the Government. There is a second welcome message about governmental ignorance and misunderstanding of science. I enjoyed reading the book, as a readable, popular account. Most scientists will be pleased that it extols the virtues of academic as opposed to commercially driven research. The author ends with an excellent set of suggestions for food safety and for the Government understanding of science.’

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See also: newspaper reports (our example from Dorchester)

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[Other Lectures: Trinity College Cambridge, 19 September 1996 Cardiff University, 2 October 1996 Newcastle, 29 October 1996 Canterbury, Kent, 31 October 1996 Nottingham, 18 November 1996 Sandwich, 16 May 1997. Verona, 3 June 1997. Michigan, 23 October 1997, etc].

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