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[BJF, 1991, letter in response to above, unpublished, 26 March].

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Biography, 1991, BJF [in] Publishers Handbook, London: Grosvenor Press International.

Daerr, Nancy, 1991, [preview announcement], BJF to speak on:

Inter Micro 91 update, Inter Micro 77, Chicago: McCrone Research Institute, June.

BJF, 1991, [reviews] Turner, G. l'E., Great Age of the Microscope, [and] Burnett, J. E. and Morrison-Low, A., The Scientific Instrument Trade in Ireland, Archives of Natural History: 286-287, June.

[BJF, 1991, Dummy text for How it Works:

London: Eagle Books (unpublished) June].

BJF, 1991, Cracking fingers, Notes and Queries, The Guardian, 24 June.

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Report, 1991, Latest Book Out, Evening Telegraph, Peterborough, 5 July.

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Leader Column, 1991, Criminal Justice System Collapses, Laboratory News: 3, 8 July.

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(Norton-Taylor, R., 1991, Action against BCCI delayed [report on proposal in Comment, vide supra], The Guardian, 2 August).

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BJF, 1991, You may be Green but the Car-makers surely aren't, The Guardian: 19, 5 August.

Letters in response, 1991:

The Guardian: 14, 7 August.

BJF, 1991, Merely going through the Seaside Motions, The Guardian: 23, 17 August.

BJF, 1991, papers:

Inter Micro 91, Chicago: McCrone Research Institute.

BJF, 1991, Death with No Hint of Tragedy - the Joyless Legacy of Joy-riding, The Guardian: 21, 18 September.

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BJF 1991, Report on 'Fit to Drink' Meeting, Biology History, September.

[BJF, 1991, Article on reclaiming nitrate, The Guardian, unpublished, September].

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Watson, James, 1991, [leader column in support of above], The Sea, the Sea, Water Services International, 95 (1147): 1.

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The Microscope, 39 (3/4): 218-243.

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Biography, 1991, BJF [in] Writers Directory, St James Press, 1992-1994 edition.


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