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German Secret Weapons - Blueprint for Mars, 1969

German weapons (US) German weapons (UK)

The 'secret weapons' books - some reviews and reports:

BJF, 1970, Japanese and German Rocketry In World War Two [reprinted from Purnell’s History of the Second World War], Ndege, Royal Rhodesian Airforce Magazine.

Hawkes, Nigel, 1970, Review of German Secret Weapons, New Scientist: 249, 30 July.

BJF, 1971, The Natter - extract from German Secret Weapons [in] Mayfair Magazine, London, Spring.

Michael, D. P., 1971, Knavish Tricks [re: German Secret Weapons] Western Mail, 10 July.

Anon, 1971, Review of Allied Secret Weapons, War of Science [in] Best Sellers, 30: 530.

Stewart, P. A. E., 1973, [cites] German and Allied Secret Weapons Books [in] Aeronautical Journal, 77: 271.

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