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BJF, 2015, Critical Focus No 23: Leeuwenhoek Microscopes, Mystery and Mischief, The Microscope 63 (3): 131-142, [published January 2016].

BJF, 2015, contributions to Nazi Jihad, produced by Blink Films, first transmission on Discovery Channel, 3 January.

BJF, 2016, Genuine or copy? Novel methods of authenticating newLeeuwenhoek microscopes, Microscopy and Analysis, Digital image analysis supplement: S9-S13, January/February.

BJF, 2016, Illustrated presentations aboard MV Queen Victoria, World Voyage Caribbean sector:

Annoucement, 2016, Ada Smith Memorial lecture: The Truth about Three New Leeuwenhoek Microscopes, Illustrated presentation to Microscopical Society of Southern California: 1900h, Wildwood School, Santa Monica, California, January.

Announcement, 2016, Finding New Microscopes from the Dawn of Science, lecture announcement for 3 April 2016, Science Centre Singapore, February.

BJF, 2016, Ada Smith Memorial lecture: The Truth about Three New Leeuwenhoek Microscopes, Illustrated presentation to Microscopical Society of Southern California, Wildwood School, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, 1900-200hh: 5 February.

BJF, 2015, illustrated presentations aboard Cunard MV Queen Elizabeth, world voyage 603-5:

BJF, 2016, Plant Intelligence, a Feast for the Senses; review of Brilliant Green, the Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence, by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viol, The Biologist, 63 (2): 38.

Presentations aboard Cruise & Maritime, MV Marco Polo, Fjordland Spectacular cruise P-612:

BJF, 2016, Presentations at Inter/Micro 16:

Report, 2016, Local scientist is back on the box, Discovering Whittlesea: 16, July.

Presentations aboard Cunard MV Queen Elizabeth, Great Britain voyage Q609:

BJF, 2015, Critical Focus No 24: Cloudy, with a Chance of Microbes, The Microscope 64 (1): 29-41.

Sansom, Kath, 2016, Plaque is unveiled at Eastrea Village Centre, Wisbech Standard online, 27 July.

Sansom, Kath, 2016, Professor is thanked during unveiling of plaque at Eastrea Village Centre, Cambs Times online, 28 July.

Sansom, Kath, 2016, Brian honoured for his work to build new hall, Wisbech Standard: 7 [and] Cambs Times: 7, 29 July.

Report, 2016, Surprise Presentation at Eastrea Fun Day, Discovering Whittlesea, 146: 17, September.

BJF, 2016, illustrated presentations aboard P&O M/V Britannia, Western Mediterranean cruise:

BJF, 2016, Critical Focus No 25: Big Beef over Mad Cow Disease, The Microscope 64 (2): 69-78.

Antonio Martínez Ron, 2016, El microscopio perdido de van Leeuwenhoek, Vozpopuli: 24 October.

Announcement, 2016, Scannning Electron Microscopy course at McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, October 31 - November 4, [reproduces image of elder sections cut by Leeuwnhoek and published in 1982], Chicago: McCrone Research Institute, October.

BJF, 2016, review of Life's Engines, how Microbes made Earth habitable, by Paul Falkowski, Biologist 63 (5): 40, November.

Hay, William, 2016, [cites Brian J Ford on aquatic dinosaurs in] Towards understanding Cretaceous climate, an updated review, Science China Earth Sciences 20: 1-15, doi:10.1007/s11430-016-0095-9, November.

BJF, 2016, Contributor to TV series on Changing Adolf Hitler's sex and the Great Panjandrum in Netflix, White Rabbit episode 3, Crazy WWII Weapons, 9 December.

BJF, 2016, Secret Weapons, Technology, Science and the Race to Win WWII, Chinese translation (see web page in English), Beijing: Posts and Telecom Press.

BJF, 2016, narrates trailer for proposed documentary on the death of Freddie Mills, London: Tic Toc Films.

BJF, 2016, Fantastic Physics, and Worlds We Never See, The Microscope 64 (4): 119-129.

[In press]:

BJF, 2016, review of Marc J. Kuchner, Marketing for Scientists, 236 pp paperback, ISBN: 1-59726-994-8, Washington: Island Press [in] The Biologist.

BJF, 2016, review of Frances Ashcroft, The Spark of Life, ISBN 978-1-840-14301-4, 339 pp, London: Allen Lane [in] The Biologist.

BJF, 2016, Meat - the Story of our Greatest Addiction, London: One World Books.

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