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German weapons (US) German weapons (UK)

US edn 1969. First UK edn 1970.

German Secret Weapons - Blueprint for Mars,

160 pp,
ISBN 0-345-24989-5-250, New York: Ballantine, October 1969.

ISBN 0 356 03034 2 Macdonald edition for: London, Australia, South Africa, & New Zealand; March 1970.

Publisher's note:

"At Peenemünde the conditions of pay were excellent, morale was high, and the results were widely acclaimed. The set-up was ideal for the furtherance of secret work, and the German secret wepon programme pressed ateadily ahead with incredible and in some cases devastating results.

"This book is a notable contribution to a still largely untold story. Not only was a considerable body of basic scientific invention conceived east of the Rhine, but the practical application of German scientific progress towards the solution of industrial problems had reached a stage far in advance of anyone else's. The result, as Brian Ford convincingly demonstrates, the Nazi war machine swung into action utilising as much as it could of the up-to-date scientific knowledge available."

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Brian J Ford is 29 and is a well known scientist and writer. He has published many original scientific discoveries. In addition, he has made a detailed study of the progress of scientific research during the war years, and has uncovered many previously undiscovered documents.

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