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Recent Activities

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Casual portrait and exploring the Mayan sites in Mexico.

Note of a few activities

  • Regular 'Critical Focus' column in The Microscope.
  • Updated edition: Nonscience Returns from Curtis Books.
  • New book on the aquatic dinosaur theory - Too Big to Walk
  • Major academic publication on intelligence in living cells.
  • TV series on Changing Adolf Hitler's sex for Netflix.
  • Netflix production on the Great Panjandrum.
  • Chinese edition of Secret Weapons book in Beijing.
  • Narrating trailer on the death of Freddie Mills in London.
  • Annual lectures in Singapore Science Centre and Chicago.
  • Foreign keynote lectures in Dublin, San Diego and Atlanta.
  • Television appearances on ITV news, Discovery and History channels world-wide.
  • An Evening with Brian', annual lecture at Inter Micro, Chicago, July.
  • Guest Speaker aboard Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2, Ocean Majesty, Marco Polo, and many other liners.
  • Honorary Member of the State Microsocopical Society of illinois, and also of the Georgia Microscopical Society.
  • Overseas lecture visits to the Arctic and Antarctica, West Indies, Viet Nam, Honolulu, Ukraine, and others.
  • UK lecture visits include Universities of Leicester, Oxford, Surrey, Kent and Cambridge.
  • President Emeritus, Cambridge Society for the Application of Research.
  • Past President, Cardiff University Association of Past Students.
  • Professor Ford is researching e-learning at Leicester university.
  • Invited European opening lectures including Amsterdam, Milan and Naples.
  • After-dinner speech with Lord Kinnock, Cardiff University Association of Past Students annual dinner
  • Also to the natural science students annual dinner, Caius College, Cambridge University.
  • Lectures to Cambridge Society for the Application of Research.
  • Lecture cruises to Indonesia, Iceland, Japan, Australia, China, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Burma, India.
  • Awarded a NESTA Fellowship, London.
  • Keynote lecture at the Swanwick Writers' Summer School.
  • Schools manual: Using the Digital Microscope for UK Science Year.
  • Revised new edition, and a Welsh language translation now available.
  • Nominated for the Faraday Medal of the Royal Society of London.
  • Brian has toured Malaysia N. Borneo and Chinese Republic.
  • China visit: new books currently in Chinese, another recently published.
  • Genes and the Fight for Life at No 5 in the New Scientist 'Top 10'.
  • Charlton Heston television documentaries now on world-wide release.
  • The Future of Food, published and featured on TV, features in America.
  • Articles on The Future of Food, in Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, etc.
  • Discussions in Hollywood and London for further major television documentary projects.
  • Visits to Lafayette, San Fransisco, the American Mid-west and Santa Cruz.
  • Book chapters on 'Robert Hooke, 'Antony Leeuwenhoek', '18th century neurology'
    and 'Optical Physics and the Microscope' recently published.
  • Introduction on the life of Robert Hooke FRS, CD-ROM Micrographia.
  • Chapter: developments in scientific illustration for Quaritch Books, London.
  • Contributed chapter for Cambridge University Press, on scientific publishing.
  • Consult pages devoted to forthcoming publications and a selection of lectures.
  • New chapter for Encyclopaedia Britannica Yearbook for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
  • Developed a novel orbiting microscope for the European Space Agency.