List of First Editions

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Souls (German edn) Souls (Polish edn) Genes Souls (UK edn)

Book on Secret Weapons in English followed by Spanish and Chinese translation. American, German, Polish, Chinese and Czech translations to accompany the English edition of Sensitive Souls are now published. Click on this link to see recent books. See also the illustrated pages of first editions and book jackets for all known editions. Most overseas editions are in a cumulative list of all known editions.

1. Ford, Brian J., 1967, Science Diary, 128pp., Letts: London (annual editions thereafter).

2. Ford, Brian J., 1969, German Secret Weapons - Blueprint for Mars, 160 pp, ISBN 0-345-24989-5-250, New York: Ballantine.

3. Ford, Brian J., 1970, Allied Secret Weapons: The War of Science, 160pp, ISBN 0-345-25892-4-250, New York: Ballantine.

4. Ford, Brian J., 1970, Microbiology and Food, illustrations and cover design by the Author, [hardback edition] 212pp, ISBN 0 950 1665 020X, London: Northwood.

5. Ford, Brian J., 1971, Nonscience and the Pseudotransmogrificationalific Egocentrified Proclivities Inherently Intracorporated In Expertistical Cerebrointellectualised Redeploymentation with Special Reference to Quasi-Notional Fashionistic Normativity, The Indoctrinationalistic Methodological Modalities and Scalar Socio-Economic Promulgationary Improvementalisationalism Predelineated Positotaxically Toward Individualistified Mass-Acceptance Gratificationalistic Securipermanentalisationary Professionism, or How To Rule The World, a quasi-official report, 206 pp, ISBN 0 7234 0449 6, London: Wolfe.

6. Ford, Brian J., 1973, The Optical Microscope Manual: Past and Present Uses and Techniques, 205pp, ISBN 0-7153-5862-6, Newton Abbott: David and Charles.

7. Ford, Brian J., 1973, The Earth Watchers, 190pp, ISBN 85632-020-X, London: Leslie Frewin.

8. Ford, Brian J., 1973, The Revealing Lens: Mankind and the Microscope, 208pp, ISBN 0-245-51016-8, London: George Harrap.

9. Ford, Brian J., 1976, Microbe Power - Tomorrow's Revolution 182pp, ISBN 0-356-08384-5, London: Macdonald and Jane’s.

10. Ford, Brian J., 1979, Patterns of Sex - the Mating Urge and our Sexual Future 205 pp, ISBN 0-354-04375-7, London: Macdonald and Jane’s.

11. Ford, Brian J., 1982, The Cult of the Expert, hardback edition, 194pp, ISBN 0-241-10476-9, London: Hamish Hamilton.

12. Ford, Brian J., 1983, 101 Questions about Science, 90pp, ISBN 0-241-10992-2, £6.95, London: Hamish Hamilton.

13. Ford, Brian J., 1984, 101 More Questions About Science, illustrated by Brian Bagnall, 90pp, ISBN 0-241-11246-X, £5.95, London: Hamish Hamilton.

14. Ford, Brian J., 1985, Single Lens, the Story of the Simple Microscope, 182 pp, ISBN 0-434-26844-5, London: William Heinemann, £9.95.

15. Ford, Brian J., 1985, Compute; How, Where, Why ... Do you really Need To? 115pp, ISBN 0-241-11490-X, £7.95, London: Hamish Hamilton.

16. Ford, Brian J., 1986, The Food Book, pp152, ISBN 0-241-11834-4, London: Hamish Hamilton.

17. Ford, Brian J., 1989, Lensman Project Manual, 26pp., Cambridge: Science of Cambridge.

18. Ford, Brian J., 1990, The Human Body, 62pp, ISBN 1 85561 013 2, London: Belitha Information Library.

19. Ford, Brian J., 1991, The Leeuwenhoek Legacy, 185pp, Bristol: Biopress, ISBN 0-948737-10-7 and London: Farrand Press, ISBN 1850-830-169.

20. Ford, Brian J., 1992, Images of Science - a History of Scientific Illustration, 208pp, ISBN 0-7123-0267-0, London: British Library.

21. Ford, Brian J., 1993, First Encyclopedia of Science, 157pp, ISBN 0-86272-944-0, London: Kingfisher Books.

22. Ford, Brian J., 1994, The New Guinness Book of Records Quiz Book, ISBN 0-85112-635-9, 128pp, £5.99, London: Guinness Publishing.

23. Ford, Brian J., 1996, BSE - The Facts, ISBN 0 552 14530 0, 208pp, £4.99, London: Corgi Books.

24. Ford, Brian J., 1999, Genes, the Fight for Life, 248pp ISBN 0-304-35019-2, £14.99. London: Cassells, New York: Sterling Publications.

25. Ford, Brian J., 1999, Sensitive Souls, Senses and Communuication in Plants, Animals and Microbes,, 340pp, ISBN: 0 316 63956 7, London: Little, Brown.

26. Ford, Brian J., 2000, The Future of Food, 120pp, ISBN 0-500-28075-4, London and New York: Thames & Hudson.

27. Ford, Brian J., 2000, The Secret Language of Life, 320pp, ISBN 0-88064-254-8, New York: Fromm International.

28. Ford, Brian J., 2000, The First Fifty Years 135pp, ISBN 0 0900490 37 3 (h/b), 0 900490 38 1 (p/b), London: Institute of Biology.

29. Ford, Brian J., 2002, Using the Digital Microscope, ISBN 0-9543595-0-X, 32pp, Cambridge: Rothay House.

30. Ford, Brian J., 2002, Defnuddio'r Microsgop Digidol, Welsh translation by Huw Roberts, ISBN 0-9543595-1-8, 32pp, Cambridge: Rothay House.

31. Ford, Brian J., 2011, Secret Weapons, Technology, Science and the Race to win WWII, 288 pp, ISBN 978 1 84908 390 4, Oxford: Osprey Publishing.

32. Ford, Brian J., 2018, Too Big To Walk, the New Science of Dinosaurs, London: HarperCollins.

33. Ford, Brian J., 2020, Nonscience Returns, ISBN 978-0-9934002-5-4 (h/b), ISBN 978-0-9934002-6-1 (ebook), Yarmouth: Curtis Press.

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