Brian J Ford
    Press response to the NESTA Fellowship


The press are following the Fellowship and reporting it on the air and in print media





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There have been some key reports of the award of the NESTA Fellowship, not only in magazines and newspapers but also on the air. Read a full-length profile in Mensa Magazine, or see a report for the Royal Microscopical Society.

Some light-hearted exchanges featured the award several times on BBC Cambridgeshire. There were comments published in the scientific press, too.

Among the announcements were advanced notice of conferences on microscopy in Chicago and in San Francisco.

Keynote lectures as a NESTA Fellow were announced for a major Giardia conference for the Netherlands, and an important international symposium on the development of microscopy held in Milan and Naples. These were ideal platforms for the presentation of new and innovative lectures.

    Most prominent of all the press coverage was the profile in Mensa Magazine, which featured the story on the front cover.