Brian J Ford
    The 2004 NESTA Event
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    NESTA is the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.

The NESTA event was an opportunity to network, and to display the results that were already being obtained with NESTA Funding.

Preparation proved to be a protracted affair; it took the best part of a month to print up over 200 pictures, many taken specially for the Event. Those that were chosen were then mounted onto foam-board. Text was compiled and edited to fit the available space, and the boards were designed to be eyecatching.

Each theme was allocated a set number of displays, ranging from a single board for small projects up to six boards for major research; typefaces were chosen for legibility at a distance and each section had a specially-designed mast-head to summarise what was presented. On the day, the 3m x 2m stand was filled with displays.

Over 40 people came to see what was on display. Some were old academic and media friends, but most were brilliant new acquaintances from the NESTA community. These pages present the main topics from the exhibit. Now they are on the web they are available to all!


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